peter euser

peter euser

munich, bavaria, Germany

About peter euser

„and once again, its light, my favorite working theme and motor ,which expresses itself in lighting objects, various fotografic serials, recently combined with painting,
allowing me in miraculous synergy, to combine my old loves, fotografie and painting with artistic lighting .


* 20.10.1953 in Offenburg /Black Forest
1973- 1987 Studies in Europe + USA (architecture + fotografy)
1987 Architectural Degree in Munich /Bavaria
1982 - 2016 Lighting objects and fixtures, various artwork,
2016 until today fotografy, painting and light constructions
lives and works in munich/bavaria .


1990 - 1995 3 common art objects with parisian painter Meyer Sarfati “Voyeur -Voyant”
2002 Lobby-design „metamorphosis of space“ for WSSA architects-munich
2002 „Orangestorm“ Lighting object for SBS Siemens
2002 „Wigwam of Light“ Lighting object for a public space
2004 „Tsunami“ Lighting object for a bank-lobby in munich
2005 Wall-installation (Lighting object ) for the Wexler company near nuremberg
2006 „Tubes“ Lighting object with Emmanuela von Branca for Sibyllenbad (Waldsassen)
2007 „Color Kinetics“ Lighting object for a private cottage near Wasserburg
2008 - 2009 “light-tracks” 16 public lighting objects along the 25 tram-line, in Cooperation with 6 munich lighting designers
2009 „Einstein 113“ various Lighting objects for a jugendstil- house in munich
2010 Lighting art + Corporate Identity design for the “Group 7” logistic- company
2011 Participation public art competition (Institute of exploration of air and space)
2011 Participation public art competition (school for secret service, Berlin)
2012 Lighting and Foto objects Evenord Bank in nuremberg
2012 „5 Arguments for Homo Sapiens“- Participation public art competition (ministry for science + education Berlin)
2013 Co-founder of the Artists Group „Münchner Photoniker“ und lighting art projekt „BYOE“ (Bring Your Own Energy)
2015 Curating an art exhibition with 50 artist
in a church, during obacht, a public art festival in munich


2009 Foto Exhibition „Two Ways“ (Reflections through the Big Apple)
2009 „Traffik“ Foto-Theme, presented in lightboxes in a staircase near Pasing-station
2009 Foto Exhibition „Urban Extensions“ during obacht, a public art festival
2009 Foto Exhibition with Lightboxes “Waterscapes”
2011 Foto Exhibition with Lightboxes “o tempora, o mores”
2014 Book-projekt “Night on Earth“ (part 1 of 4)
2015 „strips `n stripes““ Foto Exhibition , montages in lightboxes und paintings by Bettina Zapp
2015 „Two Ways“ Foto Exhibition with lightboxes in Gasteig, munich art center
2016 „night on earth“, Foto Exhibition metal - and glassprints in lightboxes
2017 Coop„Interventions“ - with painter Bettina Zapp/Exhibit within "Obacht-Kulturfestival"
2017 „Fiat Lux“ /Exhibit within "Lichtwoche München"
2018 "night on earth" at Truderinger Kunsttage
2018 "coop interventions 2" at "Artmuc" Munich
2018 " Dr.Faustus, Mr. Hyde und die Gretchenfrage "
at the Faustfestival Munich
2018 "coop interventions 3" at "Artmuc" Munich
2018 " make America great! Again?
at Kunstforum Bogenhausen
2020 "beyond fotografy" at werklicht contemporary, munich