Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Crediton, Devon, United Kingdom

About Phil Smith

I am an abstract artist but also paint townscapes and street scenes. I live and work in Devon in the UK. My paintings have sold throughout England and also in Germany, Italy, Canada and the USA.

I work mainly using acrylic paints on canvas, usually abstracts or semi-abstract landscapes. I also use ink on paper for more detailed studies of buildings or people. I am interested in capturing the essence of a place in black and white, or using abstract colour to convey moods and feelings about landscapes, either real or imagined.

Most abstracts start with paint applied directly to the canvas. Areas of paint are worked with spatulas, paint brushes, rollers or even grout spreading tools. I also add paint from syringes and dropper pipettes. Many of these paintings are multi-layered and are worked on until something emerges. I rarely know what I am looking to achieve, it is simply an exploration of colour and form. Titles are given to works after they have been completed, often many days later.

Many of my abstracts take a while to appreciate - they tend to grow on you for weeks or months after first hanging them. I am always surprised by the difference it can make to a painting to go from propped against the foot of the studio wall to being hung - that transformation is partly what makes painting exciting. Once hung a painting starts to interact with the room it is in, initially dominating (if it is a large one) but over the next few days it integrates into the room and settles into its new home. After that it catches your eye every now and then and you know you have found the right place for it.

Our house is open to visitors who would like to look at my paintings and those of other local artists that we have collected over the years. Please ring 07971 258594 a day or two beforehand. If you like a painting but are not sure if it would suit your house I am willing to lend one for a week to people in the UK.


I have been painting since 2006 and now I think about painting even when I am not in the studio. It is very addictive. All my abstract painting is self-taught. I really admire the ethos and approach to art taken by Gerhard Richter.


Our home is an Open Studio - just ring me on 07971 258594 beforehand.


In September 2021 my work will be on show in the Devon Open Studios event.

I have taken part in the Crediton Open Studios in 2018 and 2019 and have had significant sales from these events.

I also have had work on show in a local gallery (Bow Jangles) and two cafes in Crediton.

Some of my paintings have been used in TV programmes.