Phil Ciano

Phil Ciano

Studio City, CA, United States

About Phil Ciano

Phil is a painter and sketch artist, actor, singer, songwriter, and musician, (guitar and banjo). He regularly performs Folk, Bluegrass and Americana music at jams, house parties, farmers markets, and open mic's around the Los Angeles area.
About his painting, he states: Through my work, I endeavor to examine the phenomenon of seeing.
The purpose is to view beyond what the eye naturally sees and outside what our thoughts maintain exists
Using critical thinking, the imagination and subconscious.mind, ostensibly, scenes appear, landscapes, seascapes, figures, and creatures.
He further states the Full Moon paintings are meditative images. They are meant to be reflected upon. Gazing into the background, dripping and pouring the enamel, spinning and propping the canvas at various angles, the paint swirls, and moves along the surface until it dries. Absorbing the physical motion and spontaneous manipulation of creativity, it reaches into the depths of the innermost realm of being and the mysterious unknown, extrapolating and capturing that moment in time, fixing it until future observance may discover and interpret its reason and meaning.



Salem State College,
Coursera Online:
Berklee College of Music,
Yale College,


Gallery 800 Group Show 2011
Gallery Godo Group Show 2012
2nd Street Gallery Group Show 2013
First Floor Gallery Group Show 2017