Daniel Bautista

Daniel Bautista

Madrid, Spain

About Daniel Bautista

Spanish artist specilized in iconic, eye-catching, fashionable artworks. All of them hand painted using mixed technique (oils and acrylics) mostly on canvas, though sometimes in wood.

He has a predilection for large-format works and very often his works become diptychs or triptychs of enormous dimensions. Among the styles he emphasizes the abstract painting although there are also works of figurative character, especially portraits of women. His works are positive, colorful and with a clear intention to preside over any space in which they are exposed and become a reason for conversation.

Daniel is also an entrepreneur in the art world, where he has created his own art sales platform, Pictoclub. In it he sells his own works under the label 'Pictoclub originals', but also works by other authors, mainly Spanish, with whom he shares a passion for art.