Pino Valente

Pino Valente

Pescara, Italy

About Pino Valente

Italian artist, teacher of photography and advertising graphics, was born in 1976, has always had a technical report for practical and artistic communication.
Graduated in scenography, worked with the theater, with the photograph, with the graphics and painting. Currently continues his artistic work.


Master of art 1995 Pescara (PE)
Baccalaureate of applied art 1997 Pescara (PE)
Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (FI)
Erasmus Program in a photography school in Bruxelles (BE)
Degree in scenography 2003 in L'Aquila (AQ)
Master in scenography 2007 in L'Aquila (AQ)
Teaching qualification in Art of photography and graphic design 2008 Macerata (MC)
Master in Instructional System Design 2009 Roma (RM)
Certificate of completion in "Educational theater and entertainment" 2012 Roma (RM)


Assistant @ "Fuori Uso" 1995, Pescara (PE)
Winner of the competition for a logo for the seventieth anniversary of the Province of Pescara 1996, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition organizer @ "Pure Espressioni" 2003, San Giacomo degli Schiavoni (CB)


Exhibition @ "Groove" 2003, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition @ "Vini&Oli" 2004, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition "Tsunami" @ Museum Of Modern Art “Vittoria Colonna” 2005, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition @ "Vini&Oli" 2012, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition @ "Atelier Cocktails & Bijoux" 2013, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition @ "Atelier Art Café" 2014, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition @ "MuMi" Museo Michetti 2015, Francavilla (CH)
Exhibition @ "ExAurum" 2015, Pescara (PE)
Exhibition @ "ZooArt" 2016, Ortona (CH)
Exhibition @ "ZooArt" 2017, Ortona (CH)