Plamen Makov

Plamen Makov

Sofia, Sofia Grad, Bulgaria

About Plamen Makov

I was born in 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria and I live here till today.
I draw and paint since childhood and I work as a professional for the last 15 years. I graduated MFA in painting in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1999.
In my youth and as a student I was mostly inspired by the painting from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Cezanne, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, Malevich are among the names that influenced my vision on art.
For the last 15 years I am trying to elaborate my own language that can help me express what comes in my head and soul through the eyes. This search leads me in different directions. If I should point some emphasis in these endeavors
It will be the power of the color and the simplicity of form and composition.
My favorite technique is oil on canvas, because of its richness, deepness and plasticity.
Sources of inspiration might be different - an object, a story, a situation - everything that life meets me with. Each of these sources evokes a feeling that takes form of an image inside me. The interesting part is when I have to grab this image and put it onto canvas in form of paint. It`s interesting and moving, because the image has little to do with the everyday appearance of objects or with the laws of decoration. The expected result of this effort to form the inside image in paint is a kind of sign - the exact sign of a certain experience.


National Academy of Arts, Sofia
1999 – M.A. in painting
1997 – B.A. in painting


2015 - Group exhibition of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia
2014 - “Radio and Communications in the 21st Century – Bridges to the Future”, BNR art project, Sofia
2014 - “Seventh biennial of small forms Pleven – 2014”, Pleven
2014 - Art Plain Air, “Art center Ilindenzi”, Ilindenzi
2001 – International art Plain Air, Novo Selo, Bulgaria
1999– International art Plain Air, Tetovo, Macedonia
1998- “ABSOLUT painting” action, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
1997- “Individual topographies” workshop with exhibition, City Gallery, Sofia
1995– International workshop, Dimothika, Greece


2014 - One-person exhibition Sofia Press gallery, Sofia
2013- One-person exhibition “M-IMAGE” gallery, Sofia
2010 – One-person exhibition “Green cat” gallery, Arena di Serdika Hotel, Sofia
2009 – Group exhibition “Green cat” gallery, Dalheim, Luxemburg
2008 - One-person exhibition “Green cat” gallery, Hilton Hotel, Sofia
2007 - One-person exhibition “Art Center 12” gallery, Sofia
2005 – Group exhibition “IRIDA” gallery, Sofia
2005 – Group exhibition “ASTRI” gallery, Sofia
2001 - Group exhibition “UBA” gallery, Sofia
2001 - Group exhibition “IRIDA” gallery, Sofia
2000 - One-person exhibition “IRIDA” gallery, Sofia
2000 – National youth exhibition “UBA” gallery, Sofia
1999- One-person exhibition “FESTINVEST” gallery, Sofia
1999- “Young artists” exhibition “ALEXANDER” gallery, Sofia
1996- One-person exhibition, Stip Macedonia