Hans Johansson

Hans Johansson

Eslöv, Skåne

About Hans Johansson

Hans Johansson

I am born in the north of Sweden but nowadays I´m living in a little village outside the university city of Lund, in the south of Sweden.
I am educated in several art Schools, the latest was 5 years at The Royal College of Art in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.
I have made exhibitions in New York at Broadway Gallery, and at Florence Biennial in Italy, I have participiated in the Drawing Biennial in Pilsen 3 times, and I was the winner of Saatchi Showdown 2009 round one.
There are many more exhibitions that I have participate in, both in Sweden and abroad.
I am represented with my art in several Museums in Sweden such as Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm. Internationally I am represented at British museum in London and World Gallery of Drawings, in Skopje, Macedonia for example.

Before I started my artistic education I was working in a classical style, but nowadays my work has become more modern.
I am working with painting, graphic and drawing. In the painting there is a wide range of possibilities to express my intentions. When I am working with the graphics, I can work more with the drawing. The drawing is always the basis for my works. My painting is colorful and I never get bored on experimenting with them.

In my artistic work the most important thing are to create an emotional experience. Experiences that can inspire people to new ideas and create curiosity. I am fascinated by what I see around me, the environment, my dreams and also of course what I see on art exhibitions and in museums. But the historical perspective the mysterious myths in the imagination that the humans has created is also significant. Both historically and in our time.


Education Royal College of Art, Stockholm, Sweden (1978-1983)
Brage School of Art, Umeå, Sweden (1977-1978)
and 3 years of basic education 1974-1977


Malta, at Malteser club Art event

Later London and Berlin more information later



One man exhibitions Painting

2006 Borlänge Art Gallery, Sweden
2007 Norrbotten`s Museum, Luleå, Sweden
2007 Broadway Gallery, NYC, USA
2008 Hellekis säteri Hällekis Sweden
2009 Galleri Panorama art, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Galleri Grönland,Malung, Sweden
2009 The Ferlin museum, Filipstad, Sweden
2009 Örtofta art gallery, Örtofta Castle
2009 Mölndal Gallery, Mölndal, Sweden
2010 Cultural practices,Trelleborg, Sweden
2011 Jäger & Jansson Gallery, Lund, Sweden

Group exhibitions Painting

1988 International watercolour exhibition, Rome, Italy (honour)
2003 The Global Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (permanent)
2003, 2005 Biennale Internazionale dell`Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
2004 Europe Art, Geneva, Switzerland
2005 Art Innsbruck, Austria
2005 MarbArt, Marbella, Spain
2006 Galerie Thuillier, Paris
2007 Color Elefante Galeria, Valencia, Spain
2007 NY Arts Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China
2007 Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2007 Florence, Italy
2007 Scope Miami, Miami, USA
2008 Camden aRT Gallery, London, UK
2008 Florence Italy
2008 Santarita Italy
2009 Denmark
2009 Embankment station London (poster), London,UK.
2010 Edsviks art gallery Watercolour exhibition
2012 Gallery Mölndal, Sweden
2012 Times Square, New York, USA
2013 Scope Miami Beach 3- 8 december
2013 Malmoe, Sweden

Exhibitions Printmaking and Drawing

1986 Cadaquez, Spain
1986 Boston, USA
1987 Caixa, Spain
1987 Lleida, Spain
1988 Mexico
1988 Toulouse, France
1989, 1990, 1991 Swedish graphic, Poland
1992 Graphic Triennial Stockholm (Liljevalchs)
1995 Graphic Triennial Umeå Museum of Art Gammlia (County museum)
2000 The Nordic Light Gallery, Stockholm
2001, 2007 Drawing Triennal, Landskrona, Sweden
2003 The Svenshög Gallery, Lund
2004, 2005, 2007 Gallery Lessedra, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 ArtéNim, Nimes, France
2006 Drawing Biennale Plzen, Checz Republic
2007 Czech Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Biennal Grafix 2007, Breclav, Czech Republic
2008 Gallery Strömbom, Uppsala, Sweden
2008 Drawing Biennale Plzen, Checz Republic
2009 Group exhibition Grafikens hus i Mariefred 21 februari - 13 april
2009 World Gallery of drawings, Skopje, Macedonia
2009 Drawingbiennale, Pilsen, Tjeckien , World travelling show
”Best in collection.” Schönsee Germany
2009-2010 Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2009 Shönsee, Germany
2010 Drawing triennale, Landskrona, Sweden
2010 Denmark
2009-2011 Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2010 Drawing Biennale Plzen, Checz Republic
2011and 2012 Drawingbiennale, Pilsen, Tjeckien , World travelling show
Schönsee Germany
2012 Drawing Competition ,Nacelow Poland
2013 IPCNY International Printmaking Center New York, USA
2013 Minsk, Belarus,Travelling show International Andriolli Drawing Competition Nałęczów 2012, Poland
2014 Miniprint Finland, Lahtis Hyvinkää Art Museum 28.3.2014 – 18.5.2014.