Elena Popovska

Elena Popovska

Skopje, Macedonia

About Elena Popovska

Dear all,
Elena Popovska was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1986.She is dental technician by profession, self though Painter who has nurtured her creative inclination and talent for painting since childhood. For the Last seven years she has been intensively engaged in painting.
She participated in the "In Situ" Contemporary Art Fair in 2018, MKC Skopje. She realized her first solo exhibition in 2019 which was displayed in several exhibition sites in Skopje. In February 2020, she participated in the Dental Technician Fair in Marriott Hotel Skopje. In October she realized her second solo exhibition in Concept 37,Skopje.
This is a dynamic cycle of paintings, painted in acrylic technique. The technical approach and the intense color complement each other in a strikingly powerful narrative whole, which tells about the challenges and values of the modern environment in which we live. The concept includes the depiction of human characters, which are a reflection of the segments of persnal experiences and experiences of the author.

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Self-taught Artist.


International Art Fair In SITU Skopje Macedonia 2018

SOLO EXHIBITION "Voice from the Soul...Endless beauty"
11.4.2019 Kolektiv GALLERY
12.4.- 9.5.2019 Concept 37
Skopje , Macedonia
15.2.2020 Marriott Hotel | Skopje Macedonia

Second solo exhibition
October 1 - October 21, 2020
Concept 37, Skopje, Macedonia.