prashant prabhu

prashant prabhu

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

About prashant prabhu

Watercolourist who wishes to paint LANDSCAPES, but doesn't confirm to what art world defines as landscape. Nor does he wishes to be called 'master' of certain 'kind' of landscape. For him, artist should be known by his vision and philosophy, not by subject or style in which he paints! Artist's signature should not be the 'image' he paints, but it should be in the 'way' he sees, imagines, thinks and paints....

As for his resume, having exhibited 5-6 solo shows in various media, he stopped all other media and began experimenting only in watercolours since 1999. And next 12 solos of his and many group shows too, were only in the fluid medium and on paper!
Have been awarded State award in 2003, and has been top 10 (finalist) in worldwide competitions of International artist magazine in landscape(2009) and Seascape (2010). He has attended various art camps including RWS art camp in India an part of Indian invitees.
He paints full time and in spare time lives a life of a recluse, roaming around....


post graduate in commerce


Till now 19 solo shows , at renowned public galleries in Mumbai, Delhi and numerous group shows all around India.

Held solo show in Oct 17, premier art complex in the capital, lalit kala Akademi, with good critical and collector response.

Held a very successful Solo show at Jehangir Art gallery, India's best public art space .... from 27 th Dec 2016 to 2nd Jan 2017. Despite demonetisation, and cash crunch sold more than 40% of the exhibited artworks.