Rachelmauricio Castro

Rachelmauricio Castro

-, São Paulo, Brazil

About Rachelmauricio Castro

Visual Artist
Works with video art, images, photography and net art.

Artist Statement:
In rachelmauricio castro's work the most common functions are broken: clear and ordered reading directions and information hierarchy. The design's functional characteristics become pure aesthetics - its own content.
Brazilian artists Rachel and Mauricio Castro work under the pseudonym rachelmauricio castro, in a synthesis that demonstrates their trajectory until then and their particular style. They use common elements of everyday objects, web design and graphic elements such as household objects, special typefaces and typesetting, animation and layout style, including photography in graphic context. Your media jobs are generated on LG computers, MACs and iPhones.
In your work, the most common functions are broken: clear and orderly directions of reading and information hierarchy. The design's functional characteristics become pure aesthetics - its own content.


Architect and industrial designer (PUC-RJ), business administration (PUCCAMP-SP) and visual artist (Parque Lage - RJ)


Participated and exhibited works at UNIRIO (Federal University of the State
of Rio de Janeiro) based in the Urca neighborhood, located in the city of Rio
de Janeiro in 1999 and at IBEU (Brazil - United States Institute) at Copacabana
Art Gallery, in Rio January also in 1999, both with objects. Already with
video art, he participated in the MFL (Free Film Screening) from 2003 to 2009
at the CCBB (Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil), in the central region of Rio
de Janeiro, and in the electronic festival Prog: ME in 2005, at the Oi futuro
Cultural Center in the Flamengo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

Participation in the festival "The Factory Fuse / Columbus, Ohio, USA - Ignition 4.0" in 2011.

With works of net art, was participating from 2006 until 2014 at FILE (International Festival
of Electronic Language) that takes place at the Fiesp Cultural Center on Paulista
Avenue in São Paulo, and was also at the web art show in Brazil at Senac Jundiaí / SP
in 2015.

Presence with images of works and article in the magazine "Articulate Magazine" number 19, in April 2019.

Our video work has been selected to be part of the animation category at FILE Festival 2020 São Paulo / SP at Fiesp Building in Paulista avenue (FILE SAO PAULO 2020 is temporarily suspended.);

COVIMETRY, International exhibition originated in Poland by curator and artist Mark Starel. The works will be on BWA Gallery, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland
Opening: December 4, 2020

Invited to Exhibit in The Other Art Fair Online Studios (L.A. Fall 2020)

Invited to Participate in the Techno Gala Exhibition at Word Revolt VR, virtual reality gallery, ( ONLINE: https://fb.watch/3mwQ-bWj9S/) at 29 January 2021. Word Revolt Art Gallery Atlantic Beach FLORIDA, USA.

Featured in Saatchi Art´s printed Spring 2021 catalog , sent to thousand of art collectors

Featured in NEW VOICES Saatchi Art 2021 Special Edition Catalog: "Meet 100 Artists Who Are Changing the Conversation."

Participated and exhibited works in "COVIMETRY A partnership between Discursive Geometry and the Ely Center of Contemporary Art"
April 19 - June 6, 2021
local: Ely Center of Contemporary Art, at New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Featured in Saatchi Art´s "Scandi Midsommar" collection. Spring, 2021.

Featured in Saatchi Art´s "New Voices: 2021 Revamp" collection 2021.