Ray Maor

Ray Maor

Hod Hasharon, Center, Israel

About Ray Maor

Best to view the video on www.raymanoflight.com!

I was raised as a carpenters step son and started experiencing with wood and metal creations and innovations early on.
After being in the military for 5 years (Israel has a mandatory service) and seeing too much I became a pacifist. In that time I also grew consciouslly and spiritualy and have took on a life of a breatharian (look it up).
The spiritual initiation to become a breatharian had a strong impact on me. It included isolation and fasting for 21 days and in that time I was detached from the world and dived deeply into my art. That was a changing point where I decided that my creations will always include work with light embedded objects and nature.


I have a first degree in Computer science and management, I have about 16 different degrees from different courses and workshops in different fields.


I have put up 2 different exhibitions with my art work in Israel, this year going to biennale in venice.