Renata Kopac

Renata Kopac

London, Bow, United Kingdom

About Renata Kopac

Art is my passion, it is my existence and essential part of me; it is a way of communicating, reflecting on my life experiences and the questions of meaning they bring.
I think as an artist you should be able to speak out about events and what is happening in the world, reflecting on the situation, political, economical or curiosity and trends.
When I paint, I get closer to my inner self, and I reach out to the viewer. For the past few years, the focus of my works has been on how different cultures around the world express beauty and their unique heritage, traditions, emotions, values or struggles.
Recently, I started exploring abstract representation of the various ideas. In my abstracts, I largely work with just a few motifs that I manipulate and analyze, adding to my works some hidden symbols and allusions.
This way, I want to show the complexity of interrelationships between my imagination, reality and it's interpretation, in order to heighten the tension between the simplicity of forms and the complexity of ideas behind them.
My brushstroke is never repetitive or predictable, it's momentum and the shape manages to define the organization of the painting. The brushstroke changes character: it can be long or short, splatter or scrape, purposeful or hurried. I enjoy using broad sweeping brushstrokes and blending a multitude of bold colours to create unique movement, contrasts and to enrich the texture. I have to say that colour is my main driving force. I apply colour using a variety of strokes: some are light while others are heavy or applied with more vigour. Good brushstroke - gives a painting energy. Sometimes I add extra contrast by separating colours with black lines, from barely visible to the bold ones. I construct my paintings layer by layer using exclusively oils. I believe that the texture I achieve with this technique gives deeper sensation of an object or a shape.
I am always open to new ideas and I paint for many reasons. I believe that it’s a life skill worth developing and, like everything, it requires endless practice. Recently I have been experimenting with small scale wooden sculptures covered in canvas.
I describe myself as an abstract painter, creating paintings that can be either sensitive and delicate; or pure and simple.


2008 Master’s of Communication Museums and Galleries Management University of Vilnius, LT
2007 Master’s of Art Education, Vilnius Institute of Cultural and Arts Education, LT
2006-2008 Raimondas Savickas Art School, LT
2005 Bachelors of Fine Art, Painting, Vilnius Pedagogical University, LT
1997-2001 Vienozinskio School of Fine Art, Vilnius, LT


Exhibit Here Art Maze Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf London
2019/Sep The New Artist Fair, Trumans Brewery
2019/ Feb
Group exhibition Exhibit Here Hope, Menier Gallery London
Group exhibition,Islington Summer Salon,London
Talented Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury street, London
Group exhibition, Finest Artist, La Galleria Pall Mall, Opera Arcade, London

Group exhibition,Sweet ÁRT TÄRT Show, Bones&Pearl Gallery, London

Group exhibition, Paratissima Skopje, Youth Cultural Centre , Skopje, Macedonia
Group exhibition, 3045 Variations of Rubens,The Feast of Venus, Dream Space Gallery London, UK
Group exhibition, Galeria Zero, 2016 DEBUT Contemporary Artist Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain
Group exhibition, Le Dame Art Gallery, Meliá White House Hotel, Regent’s Park London. UK

Group Exhibition Salon des Refusés 2015, SPACE, London, UK
The Studio Café 297, Love Exhibition, London

Group exhibition, Oxford Art Fair, Oxford, UK
Group exhibition, Salon des Refusés 2014, Dog Eared Studio, London, UK
Group exhibition, Contemporary Paintings of 2014, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

Group exhibition, Chelsea Art Fair London, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK
Solo Exhibition, Journey, Nolia’s 11 Gallery, London, UK
Group exhibition, Chelsea Art Fair London, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK

Group exhibition, Showcase Art Group, RichMix, London, UK
Group exhibition, Russian Artist in UK, Sutton Europe Gallery, Sutton, UK
Group exhibition, Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary of Savickas Art Gallery, Vilnius, LT

Group exhibition, Be free, Slapeliu Art Museum, Vilnius, LT
Group exhibition, Vilnius days, Savickas Art Gallery, Vilnius, LT