rina mualem

rina mualem

givatayim, Israel

About rina mualem

I'm a pop art artist who dream, breath and desire for art.
my early works were mainly large oil on canvas paintings.

in the last few years i'm more digital and produce more and more digital pop art works which allows me to dismantle significance formats and keep the differences among them, and to emphasize the impossibility to watch them in the global way.

My artworks are being printed on high quality paper and on many square sizes so it is suitable for living room wall art, bedroom decor, kitchen wall print, business wall decor and many more options.


Learning art in the studio of Moty Mizrachi artist And in the open university Exhibitions Sarah Levy gallery (sole) 1983,1984,1986,1989 Sheefaim kibbutz (collective ) 1985 Bat-yam museum (collective) 1989 The perpetuation center gallery Tivon 1990 Kontorty-paran gallery (collective) 1993 Jerusalem theater (sole) 1995 Givatayim theater (collective) 2002 ,