Riccardo Matlakas

Riccardo Matlakas

London, London, United Kingdom

About Riccardo Matlakas

Riccardo Matlakas (b.1992, Naples, Italy) is a London based multidisciplinary artist working internationally. He is best known for his multi-talented capacity in different art forms including performance, dance, painting and sculpture.
He obtained a degree in Sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Naples and an MA in Social Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University.
Riccardo values the context he works in as the main inspiration for his work, finding a common ground with each culture he connects with. He creates cathartic actions and performances in the fore-front of current political, environmental and spiritual concerns by digging for the essence of humanity beyond race and custom. The artist often collects relics from his performances which later become objects of memory and contemplation. Riccardo Matlakas has performed and shown his work extensively in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, South Africa, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Myanmar, Mauritius and South Korea.


Degree in Classical Sculpture- University of Naples, Italy
MA in Social Sculpture, Oxford Brookes University, UK


Website: www.matlakas.co.uk
E-mail: love@matlakas.co.uk
We Chat:
Mob: +447851020916

2012/2014 MA in Social Sculpture and Contemporary Art at Oxford Brooks University, Uk.
2007: UAL (University of the Arts of London) Diploma in Facilitating Learning in Arts for the communities.
2006 Degree in Sculpture and Design at University of FineArt, Naples, Italy

Busan Museum of Art, Busan, South Korea, 2018.
ISI, Seni University, Jogja, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, 2018.
Kaywon University, Seoul, 2016.
Chonnam University’s Lecture, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea. *Theatre Akademie, Helsinky (FN) 2010.
NCCA and Pro-arte, St. Petersburg (RU), 2013.

17/08/2019 to 30/10/2019: Lighthouse in the Woods Museum, Wanju, South Korea.
02/2019 to 04/2019: Odessa Museum of Art, in Ukraine, sponsored by British Council, England.
12/2018: Gapa-Do residency program, Research period in Gapa Island in South Korea. funded by Korean Arts Council and Non-Gothic Body.
10/2018: Darat Al Funun, Amman, Jordan. “Truth is black, write over it with a mirage’s light. Residency research and Final Exhibition.

09-10/2018: British Council/Liverpool Biennale, Swap Residency, Municipal Gallery and Yermilov Centre in Kharkiv.

08/2018: Caravan Next/Theatre Brama, Residency creating a public mural and performance intervention for “Human Mosaic”, Goleniow, Poland.

05/2018: The freezer Residency, Snæfellsjökull, Iceland.
02/2018: Pyeongchang Culture Olympics, DMZ art Festa, performance event in several cities of South and North Korean Border, Demilitarised zone.
07/2017 to 08/2017: Art and cultural study laboratory ACSL, Yerevan Armenia, curated by Susanna Gyulamiryan, Funded by ECF
08/2016 to 17/09/2016: NU-E Space, Wanju, South Korea (Residency involved the creation of a large mural and a final performance).
01/2015: Tamarin ArtsCentre, Tamarin, Mauritius (Residency involved the creation of a performance about the liberation of slavery).
09/2015/10/2015: Institute of Palestine in South Africa and the Museum of Palestine in Cape Town.
06/2015: Museum of Palestine in Cape Town research in Palestine and Exhibition in Cape Town.
12/2014: Residency in Yangrim-Dong, Horang-kasinamu.
07/2014: Residency in Gwangju Biennale, Korea, Sweet Dew, curated by Gwangju Biennale.
26/03/2013: Residency tour in several cities in Myanmar.
26/03/2012 to 15/04/2013: NCCA, National Centre of Contemporary art, Kronstadt (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation).
29/04/2012 to 06/05/2012 Artist in residence at the Massy Vilmorin.
04/2012: London: “Lieblings”, Chelsea Theatre, mentored by Stacy Makishi.
06/2011: Helsinky (Finland), “LapSody” held at the “Theatre Academy in Helsinki”. Presentation/lecture and performance during 1 week residency.
06/2009: Prato (Italy). “VDA”, vestiti d’ arte: 2 weeks Artist residency in Vercelli, Italy. (Residency involved the creation of a wearable sculpture).
08/2007: . Belgrade (Serbia), “Real Presence”, Curators: Dobrila Denegri e Bijliana Tòmic. (Residency involved the creation of a large scale Painting).

09/2020: Territori Performance festival, Ibiza, Spain
06/2019: Tramshed Theatre, London, performance streamed live (Covid-19)
10/2019: JIEAF 2019 in collaboration with Unesco, performance in Jeju Island, South Korea.
06/2019: Lee Kang Ha Museum in Gwangju “Face To Face” Performance Symposium, ACC, Asian Cultural Centre, Gwangju, South Korea.
05/2019: TAC Festival, Valladolid, Spain
10/2018: Darat Al Funun, Amman, Jordan.

05/2018: Teatro Bellini, Naples, Italy, Scratching Borders.
02/2018: Pyeongchang Culture Olympics, DMZ art Festa, performance event in several cities of South and North Korean Border, Demilitarised zone.
12/2017: Mexican Border performance.
12/2017: Nexus, Sadler Gallery Miami.
12/2017: Miami Art Week, Satellite Show, Miami Beach, USA.
12/2017: Miami Art Week, Nexus Project, Gallery, Miami, USA.
11/2017: Queer Migrants Take Over, Toynbee Studios, London. Uk.
08/2017: Performance (B