Roberto Vámos

Roberto Vámos

Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal

About Roberto Vámos

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and currently live in Lisbon, Portugal. I studied photography at Stanford University, under Joel Leivick, but have been mostly a self-taught artist. Photographers whose work have greatly influenced me include Sebastião Salgado, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry. My main interest is landscape photography, though that does not mean I will not dabble in other subjects - as you can see from my collection. Though my style is mostly classic, I will occasionally experiment, as I have done with my "Fusions" series, which mix several photographs of a subject and its surroundings to create a paint-like effect. I am fortunate to have my work included in several private collections in Brazil and Portugal.

Artist´s Statement:

I am a traveler and an environmentalist. I have travelled around the world and encountered many incredible people from different cultures. I have climbed the Andes, slept in the ruins of Easter Island, walked on the glaciers of Patagonia and watched, in Norway, the setting sun bounce back on the horizon. I have admired the beauty and loftiness of the sequoias in California and explored the prehistoric summit of Mount Roraima, rising almost three thousand meters above the Amazon jungle. All these experiences I try to transmit through my photography.

I delight myself in diversity, be it cultural or biological. I inebriate myself with beauty and seek it everywhere I go. The objective of my art is to recreate the reverence I feel for the enchantments I witness. After all, I feel that beauty is the supreme nourishment of the soul. It is not a luxury. It is a fundamental item in the basket of basic goods we need to survive. Beauty is what keeps us sane and makes us human.

My images are my legacy, my testament. For me, photography is more than documentation or reproduction. It is also creation and transmission. A photograph cannot be just a portal into the mind of the photographer--it must fully impact anyone who examines it.


1994 - Master of Science in Environmental Management from Yale University
1991 - Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from Stanford University


The Other Art Fair - Bristol (July 26-29, 2018 in Bristol, UK)

Published "Viajanseio" in 2016.

Currently working on long-term project of photographing the entire Andes mountain range.


2016 - SP Arte Foto, São Paulo, Brazil (joint exhibit at Galeria Vilaseca)
2006 - Galeria Vilaseca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (individual)
1994 - Rio Sul, Rio de JAneiro, Brazil (joint exhibition with Claus Meyer)
1993 - Centro Cultural da Caixa Econômica Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (individual)