Robyn Weems

Robyn Weems

Lake Orion, MI, United States

About Robyn Weems

I am a Michigan based fine art photographer who specializes in food as the subject matter.
My artistic influences are Edward Weston because of his mastery of light and straightforward approach, I’ve always enjoyed the abstract work of Georgia O’Keefe.
My medium is Digital Photography, primarily self-taught I studied black and white photography and printing at the Center for Creative Studies with Amy Kahn. Commercial food photographer Marvin Shaouni has served as one of my mentors. I continue to challenge myself to remain current in photography techniques and trends. Drawing on a love for nature, still life and food my intention is to highlight the natural beauty of food: un-glamorized.
Inspired by color and texture – my subjects can be found anywhere, when planning for what to shoot the process of how evolves organically. Whether a finished image is more realistic or abstracted my goal is to show raw beauty.

Private Collections
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Beverly Hills, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois


M.S. Wayne State Univerity


Scarab Club; 2016
Detroit Artist Market; 2016
Art Design Consultants; 2017
Art Comes Alive; 2017
Pulse Art, 2018