Roman Rabyk

Roman Rabyk

Lviv, Eastern Europe, Ukraine

About Roman Rabyk

My art is my thoughts. In the paintings I reflect the most important problems for me, such as: choice, freedom, self-knowledge, human existence. I try to rethink those concepts that are already well defined. In most cases, my works have some secret, and as a rule, they remain mysterious to me. Maybe it's something subconscious that wants to say to the conscious. It's like a premonition that is hard to explain in words. It is this feeling that I am guided by when creating my art.


2010-2014 studied at Kosiv Art College
Since 2014 study at the Lviv Academy of Arts on the department of monumental sculpture.


2016 The opening of the monument to the Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko
2017 opening of the monument to the famous poet Taras Shevchenko


2015 International Exhibition "Autumn Salon" in Lviv
2016 exhibition in "Legacy" primitive painting in Poland
2016 student exhibition of sculptures "Pose" Lviv
2016 participated in two sculptural symposiums in Ukraine
2017 All-Ukrainian exhibition "Image of Peace" Kyiv