RoMel Quoio

RoMel Quoio

S. Eularia (Ibiza), Balearic Islands, Spain

About RoMel Quoio

My name is Roberto Mellino.
I'm italian, but in the latest 10 years, I spend my time between Ibiza (Spain) and Milano (Italy).

After spending 20 years creating for the Fashion,
(covering over the years, different positions in the Visual Part for Italian Brands), I decided to continue alone, or rather with myself.

So, I started to Create my World, my Planet,
through my Art, my Sculptures.

They are Unique pieces, created using recycled objects of all kinds, recovered everywhere, (so I can do my part to help the planet) .

After that, these Objects,(or garbage, if you want)
encountering vinyl glues, flatting glues, acrylic paints,
give me an Adventure and the way to Create a Story.


After Art School, I took more and different
Courses within Fashion Companies
to learn how to Create Beauty.

In this journey that has lasted for years, today I can say
that I refine skills that I ever got inside me.


Every Wednesday, from April to October,
I exhibit my Works at the Hippy Market Es Canar
(the Oldest Hippy Market of the Island).


I do the Exhibitions on the Island during the season,
from April to October.