Rosana de Montfort

Rosana de Montfort

(UK)Clacton-on-Sea, CZ (Bílovec), Essex, United Kingdom

About Rosana de Montfort

Born in the industrial Ostrava in 1973 in a family of artists/musicians and grew up in an explosive time, when the creative spirit was not politically welcome.

Ever since my childhood I have been professionally guided by academic painters and sculptors such as Karel Karel Žaluda and Jaroslav Domiter.

I have expressed my view of the world in drawings in pencil at 2 years old and at 4 years old I painted 3 dimensional paintings fully observant of the prospective and optical effects. During the school age, I developed my own technique in painting and drawing, and mastered the methods of pottery, calligraphy, sculpture and art photography.

My exclusion from the communist regime and desire for personal growth led my steps to Britain, where I live until today.

At the beginning my paintings have been influenced by artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dalí, but later I have developed my own style and view of the world through the eyes of a skeptical dreamer. Style, in which i express my feelings and visions onto the canvas, many call the "Romantic Surrealism" and sometimes "fantasque".

My paintings are found predominantly in private collections. A variety of international custom made orders also complement my work, which include not only paintings, graphics, sculptures and statues, but also work in the industrial and fashion design filed.

My art is mostly exhibited in Germany and England, but after a partial return to the native land, you can admire some of it on display in the Czech Republic.


• Lyceum of Art Ostrava, co-ehibition
• Ostrava, Commerce Centre Laso, exhibition
• Cultural Centre Ostrava, exhibition
• Theatre of Music Ostrava, group exhibition
• Vestibul Czech Television Ostrava, exhibition
• House Of Art Ostrava, group exhibition
• College Hladnov Ostrava, Exhibition
• Galerie House of Holy Trinity, Jihlava (CZ) sales exhibition
• Castle Brtnice, exhibition within a filming of Mňága a Ždorp (alternative band, CZ)

EXHIBITIONS 1990-1993 Piemonte (Italy)
• Restaurace Da Rosalba
• Design of fashion collection at Blue Ladies, spring/summer 1992 Cuneo
• Scuola Linguistica Borgo san Dalmazzo, sales exhibition
• Sports collection design Blue Ladies, autumn/winter 1993 Cuneo

EXHIBITIONS 1993-1999 Munich (Germany)
• Restaurant El Salsero, exhibition
• Matador, Kunstpark Ost, Graefinger Str., exhibition
• Kultfabrik, Kunstpark Ost, group exhibition
• Matador, Kunstpark Ost, exhibition within owned premises
• Garden exhibition at private function Faber, Grűnwald
• Jugend Zentrum, Garmisch Pattenkirchen, exhibition, art show

EXHIBITIONS 2000-2003 Prague
• Galerie Modrý Samet, group project
• Street Art jam Barrandov, art show
• Street Art jam, Michle, art show
• Klub 007, Strahov, exhibition
• Vila Tauber a Fischl, Vysočany, group exhibition

• Channel U, Street Art project, spray and graffiti on billboard
• BBC4, scoring document, group project
• East London Art Fair Shoreditch, group exhibition
• Beecroft Art Gallery Southend-on-Sea, exhibition
• Great Malvern, The Pastures, private sales exhibition
• Manresa, collective exhibition of fashion design
• ING Creatives Festival 2017 Dubai, world wide competition
• 03.10.-30.11.2018 Art center Martello Tower, Essex, United KIngdom

• 03.08-05.08. 2018 Castle Bílovec, CZ, exhibition and a showcase PARCON festival
• February-March 2019 Gallery MLEJN Ostrava, CZ, exhibition and art show
• April-August 2019 Castle Bílovec, exhibition and a showcase
• June 2019 - present Vinarna pod Palavou, Olomouc, CZ private exhibition
• September-November 2019 Galerie Chagall, Brushperk, CZ exhibition
• September-November 2019 Petr Brandl Gallery, Prague 1, CZ sales exhibition of few artworks