Rosha Nutt

Rosha Nutt

London, United Kingdom

About Rosha Nutt

Educated at prestigious art colleges Central Saint Martins and Middlesex University, Rosha graduated with a joint honors in Fine Art & Computing. She went on to have a successful advertising career at Saatchi & Saatchi and later produced a number of high profile television and print adverts featuring Kate Moss. As well as working with the industries leading make-up artists and stylists, she frequently worked with celebrities and luxury brands. These days Rosha focuses all her energies into her own artwork and she is more likely to be found spattered in brightly coloured paint and printing til the early hours than on glamorous tv shoots.

Rosha's work is influenced by the 16th and 17th century dutch still life artists and like them she plays with scale and arrangement. Whilst her work is rich in colour and visually bold there is often more at play. She includes everyday objects such as fortune cookies and butterflies, as memento mori, subtle symbols that remind us of the transience of life and inevitability of death.

Her process involves sourcing high quality, beautiful and sometimes unusual flowers. She photographs them at different stages of their life and digitally processes them, making arrangements on screen much like a florist would. The digital compositions then inform a painting and are used to make the positives for screen-printing.

The process of taking the work from the screen and into a physical action adds a richness and depth and is integral to the look and feel of her final work.


Coming up:
Posterboy, Dalston. 26-27th September 2020


Offshoot Gallery, London
The Shard, London
Lumen Gallery
44 Hallam Street
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead
Scream Gallery, London
Selfridges, London
Print Club London
Gallery One Dubai