Rox Mena

Rox Mena

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

About Rox Mena

Art is my diary and the place where I can truly be. In England, where I studied, I was taught to understand and love abstract art and in this way my great passion for art developed. The knowledge I acquired, together with my particular way of seeing art helped me develop the different techniques and styles which nowadays form my works. In my paintings every line represents a movement, a feeling and energy which I transmit on to the canvas. My great focus of inspiration in nature. I’m interested in everything that is natural, I work with the reality of nature and my own interpretation of it. I use art as a path in to a world without rules or reasonings, which I cant seem to find anywhere else. It is my hidden corner where anything can happen and I want to express this feeling through canvases where in the beginning everything is white, to they are then transformed into a flow of strength and energy.In some of my paintings I use energetic brush-strokes which contrast with colours as lively as red and black, which give the paintings a great strength. Sometimes I don't understand, I just feel. I can trans-figurate myself into something that I can only achieve through this genre and perceive immense feelings which stimulate my senses. With the help of free forms, I merge my conception of the world with a personal language. Many of the details in my paintings appear by accident which make the paintings gain their own uniqueness and freedom. I am fascinated by the idea that mistakes and the unpredictable can turn out to be the most interesting part of a painting. I am fascinated with the different textures that can be acquired with a same material, I love experimenting and entering this world where everything is allowed. Overall, I try to present a panoramic of various attempts of investigation. In these I reveal the various forms of working with art and my deepest feelings. In short; I try to raise the importance of a search through the artistic language.


-2009 - “COLLAGE” (workshop) - Art Students League, New York
-2008 – “TRANSFER AND PRINTING” (workshop) - Juan Miró Foundation, Palma
-2007 - “AKADEMIE DER BILDENEN KÜNSTE” (art academy) - Munich
-2006 - “LAND ART” (workshop) - Juan Miró Foundation, Palma
-2005 - “FULCRE PAINTING AND PRINTING” (workshop) - Algaida
-2004 - “CH SCHOOL” (2 art academy courses) - England
-1998 - “PASCUAL DE CABO SCHOOL” (art lessons) - Palma
-1997 - “PAINTING AND CERAMICS” (workshop) - Juan Miró Foundation, Palma


-2009 - “NOVES PRESÈNCIES” (finalist) Consell de Mallorca, 2009
-2008 - “CERTAMEN DE ARTE CREARTIVO A.M. LLITERAS” (finalist) - Artá
-2008 - “CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL JOVEN” Barceló Foundation (finalist)- Palma
-2007 - “CONCURSO ART JOVE” (semi-finalist)- Palma


-2013 - “MEMORIES”, Es Convent Chapel, Inca
-2011 - “TENDER INFANCY”, 4 Gats Galery, Palma
-2009 - “THE FIRST LOVE”, Marimón Gallery, Can Picafort
-2009 - “ROX”, Sacma, Manacor
-2008 - “LIFE MARINA” (performance) - Ibiza
-2007 - “DREAMT WORLDS, LIVED WORLDS, WORLDS”, Circle of Fine Arts, Palma
-2007 - “SEPTEMBER”, Martí Vicenç Museum, Pollença
-2007 - “RECENT MEMORT”, La Minerva Association, Santanyí
-2006 - “LETTERS WITH SOULD”, La Misericórdia Cultural Center, Palma
-2006 - “BLUE”, La Misericórdia Cultural Center, Palma
-2005 - “EVOLUTION”, Sant Antoniet Cloister, Palma

-2011 - “MIRADA ONÍRICA A DÚO”, Treasury, Palma
-2010 - “CHOPIN YEAR”, Consulado de la Mar de Palma, (Poland, Palma, Ibiza...etc.)
-2009 - “CONCOUR”, Art Students League, New York
-2009 - “FAIM”, Independent Art Fair in Madrid, Madrid
-2009 - “BIENAL DE ARTE ERÓTICO”, Berlin Gallery, Palma
-2008 - “30 ARTISTS HELP CHILDREN”, Santanyi Chapel, Santanyii
-2007 - “DEATRE FAIR”, Madrid
-2007 - “FUTUR”, Martí Vicenç Museum, Pollença
-2007 - “KUNSTHAUS DRESDEN”, Dresden
-2006 - “LLAVORS”, Racó Gallery, Soller
-2006 - ”DEARTE FAIR”, Madrid
-2006 - “SA NOSTRA”, Cultural Center, Costitx
-2005 - “NIT DEL ART”, Open air, Palma