Roz Edwards

Roz Edwards

Ilminster, Somerset, United Kingdom

About Roz Edwards

I am an artist from South West England, who loves to paint bright bold colourful paintings.

I love to paint trees, landscapes and wildflower meadow paintings.

I also love painting contemporary floral art, and was a full member of the Society of Floral Painters, until its closure last year.

My main focus at the moment is trees. Most of the work I put on this site will be related to trees. I am trying to build up a wide and varied portfolio of alternative ways of looking at trees, within my own distinctive style.

Whatever the subject matter, my work is characterized by lots of detail and bright colours. I love pattern and negative shapes. I also love textures. I usually work in an impressionistic style with many layers of paint built up in dots and dabs, until I get the required look I am after. It takes a lot of time to create my paintings due to the levels of detail involved. I usually have about ten paintings on the go at any time, and just do bits of each until they are completed. Sometimes I have a favourite for a while which gets all my attention though!!

I work in acrylic. Sometimes on canvas and sometimes as framed paintings. I also sell my work as mounted ( unframed) originals which makes them easier to post, and allows the buyer to choose a suitable frame.

I have many artistic influences from the Impressionists to Aboriginal art.
I use my own photographs as inspiration. I love to travel, and look for ideas for my paintings wherever I go.

I exhibit in galleries, art fairs and exhibitions, mainly in the south of England.


I have spent my entire career with Art. I have a degree in Art and I was an Art teacher ( 11 to 18 year olds ) for many ( very many!) years. I also taught Photography, Ceramics and Art Textiles. I describe myself as a very creative and practical person. I am at my happiest when I am doing something artistic. I left teaching to become a full time professional Artist. This was always my plan to do this, when the time was right. I have a studio built on the side of my house overlooking the back garden, It is a lovely place to work.