Russell Mariano

Russell Mariano

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Russell Mariano

The Magic Bug is a molecule of love. Colors are chosen to reflect a sense of joy
and happiness. The molecule represents various forms of love. From a single Magic Bug to a multitude of Bugs, the compositions play with the interconnection and
contrast of social issues, personal feelings and life in general.

Love is unconditional. Vibrant colors play off each other to set the vibe for each
composition. Color similarities can identify commonalities such as family, nationality, politics and interests. Color tint and tones create the mood for each piece asking the viewer to confront that we are more alike than different.

Love is subjective. We each perceive love in our own way, influenced by the way have given and received love. The Magic Bug designs can look somewhat melodic and
organized, or they can seem very chaotic and uneasy - open to the interpretation
of each of us.

Love is contagious. When composed in an abstract manner, the Magic Bugs create a sense of movement, conveying spread ideas of unity and coming together. Bringing a message filled with hope, the Magic Bug reminds us that love is within each of us, and we are all interconnected.


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
Graphics and Packaging Design — B.A., 1993

Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA
Advertising — A.A., 1990


Art Project Los Angeles APLA
Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts
The Other Art Fair Los Angeles