Albert Fayngold

Albert Fayngold

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Albert Fayngold

Albert Fayngold is a painter seeking to capture emotion and mood in subjects ranging from human figure to urban space. His work is characterized by attention to tonal values, atmospheric effects and nuanced color and his style ranges from fully representational to expressionist and near-abstract. He lives in New York City and exhibits in the United States, Europe and his native Ukraine.

"Behind our day-to-day, here-and-now lives in foreign cities that have become our permanent residence, there are half-erased, enduring outlines of a place we don't quite remember and may never have visited but instantly recognize - as surely as we recognize a familiar scent or an intimate accent - as home. Fayngold's paintings summon that other citizenship each one of us holds and restore it."

Andre Aciman, writer, New York

"Fayngold's art returns us to the mellow lyricism and romantic pitch found earlier in the golden notes of Scryabin and Borodin."

Frederic Tuten, writer/critic, New York