Sally Simpson

Sally Simpson

Canberra, New South Wales, Australia

About Sally Simpson

I grew up by the sea and now live on 20 acres on the edge of Canberra. The degraded ecosystem of my my home, and regular trips to the coast, inspire my work. How do we find a balance between the needs of humans, animals and plants? How will our time be regarded from a future perspective? How have humans used art to appeal to the forces of nature throughout history?


I completed a Master of Philosophy (Sculpture) at ANU in 2012. I love attending master classes to develop drawings - especially with Suzanne Archer, David Fairbairn and Godwin Bradbeer!


I'm currently working with scientists at ANU exploring different perspectives on the ocean. I'm excited about looking at coral from inside, and discovering Foraminifera which are collected in core samples and advise scientists about climate conditions over the last 100,000 years!


Have a look at my web site for past exhibitions. Last year I won the prestigious Adelaide Perry Drawing Award!
This year solo shows have been cancelled, but my studio is available for visits.