Sanja Milenkovic

Sanja Milenkovic

Milano, Lombardy , Italy

About Sanja Milenkovic

Sanja Milenkovic was born on 17 November in 1983, in Nis, Serbia. At the age of 18 she moved to Milan. She graduated (BFA) in painting and completed her post-graduated studies (MFA) in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera in Milan, Italy in 2009. She has had numerous exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. Currently she lives and works in Milan.
“My inspiration comes from different constance scenes and situations from the real life. The majority of the urban and almost conceptual paintings I am creating is a research on my memory and how snapshots shape can change and create something new. In my works people are playing a major role. I like the moment when the painting is changing and suddenly there is a perfect disorder and some imaginary conversation between people. The sensitivity is revealed in the ability to perceive the condition of nature and translate it into images and consonants colours. Perfect mix is achieved between nearly realistic painted human figures and almost abstract environment. Often I use perspective as a main and fundamental element of composition.
My Green series is full of space, fresh colors, people, different views and with all this components I want to create a natural but imaginary atmosphere.”


2002 High School of Art, Nis, Serbia
2007 Graduated in painting from Academy of Fine Arts
Brera, Milan, Italy
2010 Post-graduated in Visual Arts from Brera Academy,
Milan, Italy


2018 YIA Art Fair, Winarts, Paris, France
2018 Affordable Art Fair, Federica Morandi art projects, Milan, Italy
2017 Artist residency, Espronceda Center for Art&Culture,
Barcelona, Spain
2017 Arte Laguna Prize, recipient of two special prizes and group show at Arsenale Venice, Italy
2017 Saatchi Art Spring Catalog, USA
2016 Saatchi Art printed Catalog, September issue, USA
2015 Original Magazine Novak Djokovic Foundation, Cover of November issue, Serbia
2015 LiveIn Golf & Life Stile Magazine, November issue, Italy


Solo Shows
2019 Winarts gallery, Milan.Italy
2018 Winarts gallery, Milan, Italy
2018 Fernando Santos gallery, Porto, Portugal
2017 Espronceda Art Center, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Winarts, Milan, Italy
2016 Galerie Djeziri-Bonn, Paris, France
2016 Federica Morandi Art Projects, Magenta, Italy
2016 Banca Prossima, Milan, Italy
2016 Auditorium Piero Calamandrei, Milan, Italy
2015 Winarts Gallery, Milan, Italy
2013 Spazio 14, curated by Winarts, Milan, Italy
2014 Palazzo Beltrade, Interior by Interni, Milan, Italy
2010 Hotel Baglioni, Milan, Italy
2009 Gallery Spazio Tadini, Milan, Italy

Group Shows
2020 Winarts gallery, Milan, Italy
2019 Reggia di Portici, Naples, Italy
2018 Winarts gallery, Milan, Italy
2017 Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale Venice, Italy
2017 Affordable Art Fair, Wianrts gallery, Milan, Italy
2016 Paratissima, Turin Art Fair, FDMP, Turin, Italy
2016 Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy
2015 Associazione ArtGallery, Milan, Italy
2015 Palazzo delle Stelline, Institut français, Milan, Italy
2014 Giardini della Biennale, Venice, Italy
2013 Buzz Gallery, Milan, Italy
2013 The Artists, Screen at Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2013 Palazzo Margherita, Winarts, Milan, Italy
2012 Contemporary at FFD, Milan, Italy
2011 EnergoLab, curated by Winarts, Milan, Italy
2010 Museum of Energy, Milan, Italy
2009 Gallery Spazio Tadini, Milan, Italy