Santi Flores

Santi Flores

albacete, Spain

About Santi Flores

As a plastic artist I move in three lines of work. Figurative, object art and anything that I enjoy. Over the years I have developed a language in which I feel very comfortable. To get here, I have had influence from many artists, mainly Pollock and Basquiat. Pollock's thing may sound crazy, but it was from his work "Pasiphae" that I found the gesture I was looking for and a "raised hand" that is very representative of my work. The object art I use to "tell stories" that may be spinning around my head and that I can not express with my figurative works. Far from these two styles I have another that is to do anything that goes through my head, before it explodes.


Santi Flores was born in Spain, 1970. He is a musician and visual artist. During his first artistic stage in music his main means of expression, a life experience that has enriched his passion for the arts and culture. At present, the sculpture is their priority and channel to develop their creativity.

In 1986, created his first artistic work as a student at the School of Crafts in Albacete, and although over the years not let this discipline, will be from 2,009 when actually tilt the balance toward artistic sculpture. After years of experimentation and research, find a language that recognizes their identity and which continues to deepen.


-Exposicion individual Museo de Albacete. Albacete
- Exposicion colectiva Antonio Suñer Gallery, Madrid. España.

- Exposicion individual Spazio Ginko Galllery, Roma, Italy

- Exposicion individual Oneshotshotels. Madrid

- Exposicion individual Viktor gastro. Albacete

- Exposcion colectiva (colaboracion Xavi Garcia) Palacio de la musica. Elda. Alicante.

- Exposicion colectiva Espacio “Ciento y pico”. Madrid

- Exposicion colectiva ‘La compañia de Mario” Cuartel de artilleria Murcia


- Exposicion Individual Spazio Ginko. Roma. Italia.

- Exposcion colectiva Spazio Ginko. Roma. Italia.

- Exposicion individial, Galeria Centro español en Nueva York. Nueva york (U.S.A).

- Exposcion colectiva ¨Art on the down low¨ DL New york. Nueva York (USA).

- Exposición colectiva, Parking Gallery. Alicante.


- Exposición colectiva “Arte y solidaridad” Médicos Mundi. Fundación CCM. (Albacete)

- Exposición colectiva “Fractal 2.0″.. . Museo de Albacete. (Albacete)

- Exposición colectiva, subasta de arte solidaria UNICEF. Teatro Candilejas (Albacete)

- Exposición individual Spinosa Chill-out ( Los narejos, Murcia)

- Exposición individual. Jardín botánico de Castilla la mancha. (Albacete)


- Exposición urbana individual ¨Cosas de la vida¨. Pasaje Lodares (Albacete).