Scott Putesky

Scott Putesky

New Rochelle, NY, United States

About Scott Putesky

I have been making art all my life. Always going back and forth between music/sound and visual art. I am known most widely for my music (do the daisies in my pocket look familiar?). For the past several years I've been doing a lot of collage but am now focusing more on drawings usually with marker and color pencil.


I have an Associates degree in Advertising Design from the Art Institute Of Fort Lauderdale. But, thanks to some of my teachers with who I am still friendly (Gary Tepper, Paula Gillam ...), I received an excellent extra-curricular education in fine art.


This summer means purge mode for me. Cutting through the extreme fatigue of chemotherapy, I'm working on my art nearly every day, focusing on my Intertwines series and a new technique melding collage and rendering. Creating comes naturally to me and now has become good therapy for me. Events? Making and selling art!


You can see any of my work in person by private appointment only.