Folktale Sculpture For Sale

destiny image


Sculpture57 W x 90 H x 196 in


Little Red Riding Hood image

Little Red Riding Hood

Sculpture8.3 W x 9.3 H x 8.3 in

Aladdin and The Magical Lamp image

Aladdin and The Magical Lamp

Sculpture5.5 W x 5.5 H x 1 in

Adrian DiMetriou

United States


The Flying Juggler image

The Flying Juggler

Sculpture19 W x 17 H x 9 in

"The Magic Pot" image

"The Magic Pot"

Sculpture1417 W x 1299 H x 1575 in

Briar Rabbit image

Briar Rabbit

Sculpture3 W x 2 H x 2 in

Jennifer Langhammer

United States

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