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Browse our wide-ranging selection of over 29 original Light sculptures by artists working in a variety of mediums. Suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces, sculptures anchor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.

Fossil of Light VI image

Fossil of Light VI

Sculpture22 W x 13 H x 2.5 in

Boruch Lev

United States


Prints from $57

Luminous obiect 1 image

Luminous obiect 1

Sculpture11 W x 12 H x 11 in

Suess image


Sculpture35.4 W x 57.1 H x 11.8 in

Nives Zorzut



Blue Overblown Flower image

Blue Overblown Flower

Sculpture7.5 W x 5.1 H x 5.9 in

chumba_umba image


Sculpture6.3 W x 12.6 H x 6.3 in

Pasha Rud



Dark Light  ( back ) image

Dark Light ( back )

Sculpture23 W x 23 H x 2 in

David Bender

United States


I can fly image

I can fly

Sculpture7.5 W x 4.5 H x 4 in

Arvydas Uldukis

United Kingdom


Abs-5 Ancient and Modern image

Abs-5 Ancient and Modern

Sculpture3 W x 12 H x 1 in

Hellboy Lamp image

Hellboy Lamp

Sculpture13.4 W x 16.3 H x 12.5 in

Ceramic candle holder "Sea urchin" image

Ceramic candle holder "Sea urchin"

Sculpture9.8 W x 9.8 H x 9.8 in


Chumba_umba image


Sculpture6.7 W x 14.2 H x 6.3 in

Pasha Rud



lamp with ivy image

lamp with ivy

Sculpture8.7 W x 14.6 H x 8.7 in

Prints from $56

Dark Light ( front ) image

Dark Light ( front )

Sculpture23 W x 23 H x 2 in


David Bender

United States

"Inner light 1" image

"Inner light 1"

Sculpture11 W x 14 H x 11 in

Helix image


Sculpture19 W x 12 H x 4 in

Tree lamp image

Tree lamp

Sculpture15.7 W x 43.3 H x 15.7 in

Hedera helix image

Hedera helix

Sculpture11.8 W x 13.4 H x 3.9 in

Candle holder "Pitcher" image

Candle holder "Pitcher"

Sculpture8.3 W x 9.3 H x 6.3 in

Light Of The Earth image

Light Of The Earth

Sculpture6.3 W x 10.2 H x 6.3 in

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