Los Angeles, CA, United States


Los Angeles based multitasking artist from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been producing works of contemporary art for the past 12 years. I experiment using different media and materials by creating sculptures (media sculptures), paintings and other art objects. Using methods that I developed myself, some creations can be found under the form of mixed media, street art, digital or even videos.


Marmara University


December 2010 - Street Art Project in a Busy Viaduct in an Istanbul Hub, supported by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul, Turkey

September 2011 – Performance for Vogue Fashion Night Out, Nisantasi, Istanbul,

March 2012 – Special event: Sevincy’s Cake Moss at W Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

December 2013 – Special Event ‘Fame’ for Vogue Turkey, Beyoglu, Istanbul

April 2014 - Public Art Project ‘Paratroopers’ in Nisantasi, İstanbul, Turkey

June 2014 - Street Art ‘Life is Beautiful in Love’ typed by Arabic Letters in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul, Turkey

January 2015 – Street Art Project ‘Ataturk Gold Coins’ in Istanbul, Turkey / Baku, Azerbaijan / New York , USA

May 2015 – BONBON Show at Azerbaijan Fashion Week, Baku, Azerbaijan

December 2015 - Street Art Project ‘Homeless Hunt’ Los Angeles, California

August 2016 - Recycle Art Project ‘Sauce’ Istanbul, Turkey


Solo Shows
March 2010 - 'The Headliners' in an historical building by the Bosphorus strait, Istanbul, Turkey
April 2010 - 'The Headliners' in a popular hangout called 'Lucca' in Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey
May 2010 - '21st Century Ladies' in a historical building by the Bosphorus strait, Istanbul, Turkey
December 2010 - ‘7 Candies’ in a popular hangout called 'Lucca' in Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey
June 2011 - Street Exhibition 'Nefis' in Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey
July 2011 - 'Nefis' in Addresistanbul Design Center, Istanbul, Turkey
December 2011 - 'Delights Of Wonderland' in a popular hangout called 'Lucca' , hosted by Galeri Alan in Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey
March 2012 - 'What The F*ck' in Galeri Eksen, Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey
November 2012 - 'Grace Under Pressure' at Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
September 2014 - 'Sweet Love' in an ancient and deserted 19th century “Maidens’ Monastery”, now home to Tuzla Yacht Club in Istanbul, Turkey
October 2016 - Bonbon Show ‘Work in Progress’ at Gama Gallery Istanbul, Turkey

Group Shows
November 2008 – Altered States Contemporary Art and Music Show in a popular mall called Astoria, Istanbul, Turkey
October 2010 – Special Event ‘Welcome to my Flat’ in Galata, Istanbul, Turkey
June 2011 - Group Show ‘Sonsuzluk’ in Tunca Sanat (Gallery Tunca), Istanbul, Turkey
June 2011 - Time Out İstanbul Summer Exhibition hosted by Beyaz Art Auction House, Istanbul
September 2011 – Group Show ‘7 Karma’ in the gallery’ Tunca Sanat’ in Akmerkez, Istanbul, Turkey
October 2011 – Group Show ‘100 Genç’ at International Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
September 2011 – Istanbul Design Week
March 2012 – Art Fair: Art Bosphorus 2012
November 2014 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
February 2016 - LA Art Show
Novermber 2016 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair