Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang

Beijing, Shunyi, China

About Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang
Professional fine artist, born in Handan City, China,1983. Lives and works in Beijing Now. Jing’s Works are mainly composed with line and kinds colors, and she is the pioneer of “fragmented time” series paintings. She initiates the conception of fragments of time.Growing up in the environment of fine art, and affected by the internet information era, made her a creative artist of 80’s generation(born in the 1980s). She is a kind person who always keep her youthful innocence and always have a positive attitude towards the world.
Inspiration of the works:
The paintings base on life show us kinds of interesting pictures that consist of lines and colour. The lines include smooth long line and orderly short ones. The colour is brilliant、gorgeous and gentle.
The artist “injects”her emotion into every picture.....
It is deep in night, the lamp of studio is still on and the paintbrush is dancing on the canvas ignoring the time. I don’t know when I already have gone into another world, everything including my breath become silence . The paintbrush which is already so magical is deeply attracting to me, this feeling is like I am walking in the garden holding the soft hands of a baby , and also like I am lying in my mother’s arms. All these feelings rush onto the painting without stopping, the brush swim fast between water、colour and canvas. Suddenly, the thought starts flying, it flys straight ahead time after time without stopping until to the end of world. In that place, the heart、brush、water、hands and almost everything is pure. The brush become simple and the thought become a free and easy fairy.At the moment,I am already melted into this amazing thought......
It is dawn unawares, the slight and clear light shining on the canvas, Painting awake from the canvas ....
What a Wonderful time it is in everywhere and anytime of life!
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Fine Arts BA, Hebei Agricultural University,Baoding, China,2008.


Oil Painting,《a ray of Cool》, collected by Songzhuang Art Gallery,Beijing China, 2014;
Ningbo art expo, 2015;
line and colour series artworks were collected by Artbean, 2016.
"Goldfish-waltz" , "myth-Samantabhadra Bodhisattva" and "searching the wintersweet" are featured in Saatchi's artist of the day.
Signed artist of "Zhang Gallery" based in NY, USA.


2014 Songzhuang Art Gallery,Beijing China.
2015 Ningbo art expo, Ningbo China.