Siri Tenden

Siri Tenden

Stockholm, Sweden

About Siri Tenden

Siri grew up in Norway and California, and is currently living in Sweden. Always interested in all forms of art, she chose to study architecture, which combined aspects from other creative fields - such as space, color, form, contrast, rhythm. She studied at an avant-garde school, with high standards of creativity and innovation. Painting was part of Siri's own architectural presentations, as well as part of the work she did for the architect Zaha Hadid. In addition she has had some guidance and done some art courses that have furthered her development as a painter. Her architectural training has been a great help, for example the alternating between the detail and the larger picture and between form and space, positive and negative.


Studied at the Architectural Association in London.


Siri's work has been featured in special collections on Saatchi Art; "100 curators, 100 days"; "Last days of summer"; "Turquoise" and "Spotlight on Scandinavia".


Siri's paintings have been exhibited in Norway and Sweden. Her art has been bought by collectors in Europe and the US.