SOA Adewale

SOA Adewale

Lagos, Nigeria

About SOA Adewale

SOA Adewale is the Creative Director of SOA Creative World, with Bsc in Antropology, University of Ibadan. He is also a full time creative illustrator, and he has also mentored people who are now successful independent artists.

Below is his Art statement

"I love recreating reality as an artist. My background knowledge of anthropology influences the approach I adopt in doing this. I read books, surf the internet, listen to music pertaining to the subject matter and interview specific people to understand their opinions about the reality I hope to recreate.

Afterwards, I represent gathered data using graphite, charcoal, ink, dust or paint. Challenges occur when choosing the right medium and tools, but the finished work inevitably produces the right reaction and emotions in my audience.

More often, I borrow from personal experiences, historical events, cultural heritage, certain socio-political issues like corruption, inequality, discrimination, child labour, abuse, etc. I am also motivated by spirituality and various cultural beliefs guiding human behaviour.

It is my belief that by employing abstract, surrealist and realist models in a contemporary art form, I can draw consciousness to the anomaly, orthodoxy and peculiarity that dwell in our culture and society."


Bsc in Antropology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


Vav Campus Art Exhibition, Ibadan
Kaysound Afriart Gallery Exhibition, Lagos