Stefan Nenov

Stefan Nenov

London, United Kingdom

About Stefan Nenov

My focus is mainly on sculpture in wood. While working with it the aim is to present unusual
for the reality objects, with strange presence which evoking amazement. That includes
transformation of the form to surreal level, implementing colours and structures.
To capture a unique moment or action (like leaking liquid or underwater bubbles) is another
of the problems contained in my sculptures.
I reckon the wood is the most unique sculpture material, the fact it has been something alive
and later transformed into a piece of art reminds of reincarnation. Physically I like the touch
of wood, it gives me a full control of the process and this where I feel absolutely free to
express myself. The styles and approaching in my works vary from the experience of the
classic woodcarving to the modern cleared form. Whatever I do, the figurative and the
recognizable is an imperative, I enjoy seeing the impact of my works and their dominance
over the space they are placed.


1993-1997 - High Art School-Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Subject "Graphic Arts"
2000-2004 - National Academy Of Arts - Sofia, Bulgaria, Subject "Sculpture and Woodcarving


Exhibitions and Participations
2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
2017 Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.
2016 - Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.
• Alfred Daniels Award
2015- Ernst & Young -TATE panel, Selected to solo show at EY Tower Bridge building.
2015- Play me I'm yours at Canary Wharf, London, Sculpture/piano project
2015- Montagn'Art Sculpture Symposium, Switzerland
2015- Commissions for Center for World Culture King Abdulazis, Saudi Arabia
2014- Soho Sculpture Prize - London
2013- The Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries
2013- Appearance in a TV program "Four Rooms" Channel 4, UK
2012- Exhibition at Salve Art Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2011-2012 - Street Art Project "Find The User" - London
2011-Solo Exhibition Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
2010- Exhibition at Bulgarian Embassy, London
2010-Participation in Print Exhibition - Brighton
2010- Tealeaf Art Centre-London- Open Exhibition
2009- Participation in Art Show - London
2008- International Sculpture Symposium Art in Nature-Schoonord-Netherlands.
2007-Print Symposium-Smolian Bulgaria
2007- International Sculpture Symposium Nepomuk-Czech Republic
2007- Participation in Painting Exhibition -R.Ireland
2007- Participation in Print Exhibition Castle Germany
2006- International Sculpture Competition -England
2006- International Sculpture Symposium Plovdiv-Bulgaria
2006- International Sculpture Symposium Caerleon-Wales
2005- International Sculpture Symposium Agios Ahilos-Greece
2004- Painting Symposium
2003- Sculpture Symposium Bansko-Bulgaria
2002- International Sculpture Symposium Plovdiv-Bulgaria
2001- Sculpture Symposium Barzia-Bulgaria