Stefan Osnowski

Stefan Osnowski

Budapest, Hungary

About Stefan Osnowski

„For many years now, Stefan Osnowski has been concerned with a new approach to wood engravings and has been developing the opportunities inherent to the technique. When preparing the engravings enlarged to the size of an easel painting, he creates a range of tonal values purely through the variation
of the width and depth of the carved lines, horizontal and vertical or diagonal, as well as through the alteration of the density of the grid whilst retaining a purely monochrome imagery. His printing technique also deviates from the norm, due to the use of a palm- size glass lens to manually rub the ink onto the paper rather than a printing press, thus preserving the apparent uniqueness of each individual item in a series. Physical contact and hand-crafting is just as much a part of the concept as gathering a theme or selecting a medium.”


STEFAN OSNOWSKI was born in 1970 in East Germany and lives and works in Budapest (Hungary).
- Institute of Fine Arts “Caspar- David-Friedrich” University of Greifswald, MA in Visual Arts.
- University of Greifswald, MA in German Literature.
- University of Greifswald, Germany, Pedagogy of Art and Theater.
- University of Kiel, Studies of Classical Archeology, Ancient History, Prehistory and early history,
He has prolonged experience of visual art education and teaching, with children, adolescents and adults in Germany, Hungary, Portugal and Holland.


2020 RAF (group exhibition) - A.P.A.-Gallery - Budapest, Hunngary
2020 ART MARKET BUDAPEST (group exhibition) - Art Kartell - Budapest, Hunngary
2020 RESIDENT ART GARTEN (group exhibition) - Lovas, Hungary
2020 VADON (solo exhibition) - The Studios Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2019 COQUETEL MALAKOFF (group exhibition) - Recife, Brasil
2019 RESIDENT ART GARTEN (group exhibition) - Lovas, Hungary
2019 PARADISE CITY - Five Readings of the City (group exhibition as part of ART CAPITAL 2019) - Ámos Imre and Anna Margit Memorial Museum - Szentendre, Hungary
2019 METSZÉSPONT Intersection / Schnittpunkt (solo-exhibition) - Nick-Gallery - Pécs, Hungary
2018 TRADITIONAL ARTS AND DIGITAL ARTS - The Speech of (Dis)order - XX. Cerveira International Art Biennial, Portugal
2018 ENTRE (solo exhibition) - Resident Art Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2017 URBAN POSITIV (group exhibition) - Latarka Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2017 PASSAGE (solo exhibition) - Resident Art Gallery - Budapest, Hungary
2016 BZZ (group exhibition) - PP-Center Budapest, Hungary
2016 HIDRO GRÀFICAS (group exhibition) - Fortaleza, Brasil
2016 HIDRO GRÀFICAS (group exhibition) - Recife, Brasil
2016 HIDRO GRÀFICAS (group exhibition) - Lisbon, Portugal
2016 FRACTIONS (solo exhibition) - Pera, Portugal
2016 LAC (group exhibition) - Lagos, Portugal
2016 PRALAC (group exhibition) - Faro, Portugal
2015 PARALICAÇÃO (solo exhibition) - Galeria LAR - Lagos, Portugal
2001 GESETZ DEN FALL (group work) - Bahnhof Westend Berlin, Germany
2000 ARCHIV (solo exhibition) - Galerie am Scheunenviertel, Berlin, Germany
2000 SPUREN EINER TRÄGHEIT (solo exhibition) - Greifswald, Germany
2000 ANWESEND (solo exhibition) - Greifswald, Germany