Summer 2024

Explore the Best Emerging Art of This Season—Across Styles, Subjects & Media

Summer is the Perfect Time to Refresh Your Home with New Original Art

To round out Spring and welcome the new season, our Chief Curator shares her top recommendations for abstracts, landscapes, sculptures, and more by today’s best emerging artists.

Explore our latest curated collections below.

Dive into Sunshine by Isabelle Derecque

Mismatch by Agata Wierzbicka

CameraSelfie No.21 by Flynn Newton

Choosing Rest by Cortney Herron

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by Yvonne Coomber 

The Sun Hardly Rises by Philip Hearsey 

UnderWater 5090 by Ruben Abstract

Balloons-Hope by Jinho Kee

Piscine 16 by Nicoleta Costiuc 

Are You Dreaming or Hiding? by Assia Bennani

Best of Abstracts

Are You in Love? by Arlina Cai

Regal by Caroline Pera

Mouthful of Earth by Renata Daina 

05/10/23 by Pia Løye

Precious Angel II by Birgit Fechner

Best of Portraiture

Portrait XX122 by Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti

Anchoress by Constanze Krischer

Malissin Versailles IV by Cécile Duchêne

Evasion in Green by Alejandro Casanova Barberán

Blondie by Jem Ennis

Best of Realism

Slazenger Omega Tennis Racquet by Mike Pitzer

Therefore and Thereafter by Bruce Dean 

Water Lilies by Kevin Gray 

Colossus Holds Up the World by Egor Zigura

Submerged X by Rosana Sitcha

Best of Landscapes

A Clean Escape by Baldvin Ringsted

Warm Shadow by Shandor Alexander

The Painted Desert by Shyanne Jenkins

A Sketch in Central Park No.3 by Yoko Wakabayashi

My Summer Garden II by Silvia Schaumloeffel

Best of Pop Art

Trees May Break by Luke George

Upper Downer by Lequeux Philippe

Whale Watching Golden Hour by Ruth Mulvie

Icon No. 6 by Ronald Hunter

Great White Shark by Andy Shaw