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Figures standing isolated, surrounded by lines and fictional spaces that configure the basic lines of my paintings. Searching the essential and leaving the superfluous aside. Scenarios in which the isolated figure prevails, even in company.
Anna Adell (Art Historian)

The formal aspect of the paintings is what matters and what gives these paintings their particular character.


Escola Massana (Barcelona)


Feb 2021 Selected "Artist of the day" posted in Instagram.
#ArtistOftheDay Susana Mata

Work chosen to be featured in the upcoming New This Week Collection on Saatchi Art’s homepage. You can preview the collection here:

Work selected for the "New week collection" http://www.

2018 Among selected artists taking part in the 7th edition Artists National Fair in Revillajijedo Palace (Gijón) (Spain).

2014 Collaboration for fancine from the feminist Library in London.

2014 Featured in Saatchi on line in the Inspired by David Hockney Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage. You can see the collection here:

2014 Featured in Saatchi on line collection"Original works under 2000" curated by Bridget Carron:

Spotlight about my works and interview in Artpromotivate:

Work selected at "100 days 100 curators" at Saatchi on line:

2014 Art of Spain:

2014 Selected among many artists from Spain for the collection "Spain Spotlight" curated by Rebecca Wilson, 2014:

Work "The secret garden" selected at the Saatchi on line collection "Figuratively speaking" curated by saatchi Art, 2013:


Dec-Jan 2020: Group Exhibition. Support culture. Espai B Gallery.
( (Barcelona)

(Covid 19) Nov 2020-Jan 2021: Group Exhibition. "DelicARTessen 19 in Esther Montoriol Gallery ( (Barcelona).

Nov-Dec 2019: Group Exhibition. "DelicARTessen 18" in Gallery Esther Montoriol ( (Barcelona).

Nov-Dec 2019: Group Exhibition. Espai B Gallery.
( (Barcelona).

December 2018- Group Exhibition. Drawings. Espai B Gallery (

July 2018- Group Exhibitions summer collection, Espai B Gallery (

July 2015- Group Exhibitions summer collection, Espai B Gallery (

Nov 2014 - January 015 Group exhibition for Christmas, Espai B Gallery

Nov 2013- January 014 Group exhibition for Christmas, "DelicARTessen 12" in Gallery Esther Montoriol (

Nov 2011- January 012 Group exhibition for Christmas, "DelicARTessen 10" in Gallery Esther Montoriol (

Marz 2011 Work in deposit in Gallery Espai B and Gallery Esther Montoriol.

Christmas 2011 Group ex. in Gallery Marga Sennacheribo.

Jul 2010 Group exhibition, Real Circulo Artístico de Barcelona.

Jun-Jul 2010 Group exhibition in Gallery Marga Sennacheribo (Beethoven 6, Barcelona).

2010 Graphic works in deposit at Gallery Nou Millenium (Concell de Cent, Barcelona).

2009 Group exhibition in Gallery Marga Sennacheribo (Beethoven 6, Barcelona).

2006 Group exhibition Figurative 2006-2007, Galeria Tuset (Tuset, Barcelona).

2005 Group Exhibition, Galería Iris (Enric Granados, Barcelona).
Recomendation from art critic Ricard Planas from "Bonart" magazine.

2004 Group exhibition drawings about Quijote (Citycouncil Socuéllamos, Ciudad Real)

2002 Group exhibition, Gallery Arte Topaz (Avda. Roma, Barcelona)

2000 Finalist contents of cartels for the carnaval of Bilbao. Selected for the final exhibition.

Other exhibitions:

2012 Exhibition Restaurant Silenus "Personajes".

2010 Exhibition at estudios of TV show "Els Matins de Catalunya". (See video).

2010 Solo Exhibition at the Great Fiesta in civil singular Building “Cal Cadernal”,, (Salomó, Tarragona).

2010 Solo Exhibition at estudios of TV show "Els Matins de Catalunya". (See video).