Susana Romano

Susana Romano

Barracas, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Susana Romano

It makes me happy to paint. First of all, I am that: a painter.
Brushes and oil paintings, digital art, collage and illustration, are my tools of expression and experimentation.
I grew drawing as if it were a game. The playful universe allowed me to laugh, repeat, process and transform.
I went through workshops of the most important painters of Argentina, who made me trust in the brush, as an extension of my body, and in my paintings, as an intimate and not so intimate journal of my life.
Anahi Caceres transmitted me the first concepts of digital art, for a year after winning the prize for experimental technique in the Loft Gallery, in Argentina.
From that moment I participated in collective exhibitions. I worked as graphic designer, and my clients were always artists like: Alicia Carletti, Jorge Alvaro, Diana Dowek, Ines Vega, Hugo Sbernini among others. They, apart from trusting in my art, inspired and nourished me with theirs always.


2019 The Affordable Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion
New York, NY
2019 Salon de la FEDERACIÓN DE COMERCIO E INDUSTRIA de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
2018 Banco Ciudad, Homenaje a Alicia Carletti.
2018 Registro Civil de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
2018 Fiestas Patronales , muestra colectiva Madre de los Emigrantes
2017 Noche de los Museos Taller Pinzón.
2017 Mulares Iglesia Santa Felicitas, CABA
2016 Carilo Arte Contemporaneo - Galeria de Arte
2015 Noche de los Museos Taller Pinzón.
2014 Sophy Espacio de Arte Palermo , CABA
2014 Presentacion de la obra Virgen, en La Iglesia del Socorro
2013 Muestra Individual en La Casa , Centro Cultural Palermo , CABA