Susan Wolff

Susan Wolff

About Susan Wolff

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Toronto, Restoration of Colonial Painting, Cuzco, Peru and have an MBA in European Marketing from Germany which supports my life on several continents and cultures. This range of world experience has coalesced into the world of the view through a camera lens which opened up a whole new way of seeing. For the past 10 years, I have been involved with international photographers in joint ventures and exhibitions, both virtual and in galleries. From the Czech Republic and Germany to Spain and Canada, I enjoy the excitement of front line discussions with fellow artist virtually and the real world on new techniques, theories and the evolution of art and ourselves.
As of 2018, I am starting on a new approach to my art in an extension of Abstract Expresionism involving a third category beyond the 2 large areas of Abex focusing on constructed paintings on paper or canvas of contigent surfaces, as though the surface of a chair and piano bench are extensions of the other. It is a way of seeing the world for an artist whose studio space is too small for large words. There, the paper takes the print of chosen, diverse surfaces and becomes a flat record of 3 D space.


B.A in Fine Art, University of Toronto
Courses Simon Fraser University 1975
Certificate in Restoration of Colonial Painting, National Institute of Art, Cusco, Peru, 1985
MBA in European Marketing, IDB, Aachen , Germany, 1992


Y Sin Embargo, online magazine, Fernando Pratt editor, Barcelona 2011, 2012


Aachen, Germany Group Show, 1992
Solo show, online, Paris
Solo show, Contrasted Gallery, Manuel Barcelona, 2012
Cobalt Gallery, group shows 2013, 2014, 2017
Ben Naved Gallery, group shows, Toronto, 2013
Czech Republic, Solo Show, 2011