Viktoriia Sendetska

Viktoriia Sendetska

Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovska oblast, Ukraine

About Viktoriia Sendetska

my paintings are visualizations of my inner nature, female purity and intuition. And my body, my hands, eyes are translators, the task of which is to accurately and professionally display their emotions on the canvases.


In 2007 graduated from an art school, my graduation works still adorn the walls of this beautiful educational center and serve as an example for other young aspiring artists. 2007-2009 studied in preparatory courses in compositional construction of geometric bodies and academic drawing of the head.

2009-2015 devoted to training at the Dnieper State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Design. Today I have a specialist diploma in the category - designer of the architectural environment.
From 2017 to the present, I create my own paintings while increasing my professional level by studying with qualified masters in the field of oil painting. One of which is Mikhail Novak.


participate in various
lodger, where, both young artists and masters with great experience, show their work. I demonstrate my individual works at private exhibitions, including auctions, held in my city of Dnipro.


2020 - collection "Nuance” Kyiv, artspace - L`Art, exhibition "Lovers Her Life"

2019 – Dnepr, Artcenterkvartira, event- «Несмонтированый»
2019 – Dnepr, art-studio "S.Gorban" event - TSUNAMI
2019 - "Africa". Gallery "Collection". Kyiv

2018 - Odessa. Gallery of contemporary art NT-Art