Tamara Hergert

Tamara Hergert

Seattle, WA, United States

About Tamara Hergert

Tamara Hergert is a Seattle-based artist, illustrator and muralist. She has been creating custom artworks on commission for private clients, and now is emerging with a breathtakingly beautiful series of paintings.


Tamara Hergert grew up in Novokuznetsk, Russia where she studied Fine Arts at the local School of Art for four years and graduated with excellence.

She sold her first painting when she was seventeen.


2019 - Live painting at Savoir Fair at Grey Sky Gallery, Seattle.
2018 - Live painting Holiday pop-up mural at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
2017 - Live painting event at a Private event at luxurious Kiana Lodge, Poulsbo, WA.
2017 - Live painting event at Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack - Geek Wire event.
2016 - Live painting event at The Round at The Fremont Art Center, Seattle


2019 - Savoir Fair at Grey Sky Gallery, Seattle.
2019 - Solo Exhibit at Bellevue Eye Specialists, Bellevue.
2017 - June Art Show at the A/NT Gallery, Seattle.
2015 - Chocolate and Art Show at the Fremont Art Center, Seattle.