Jignesh Jariwala

Jignesh Jariwala

Surat, AMBANAGAR, India

About Jignesh Jariwala

Born : 1976, Surat, Gujarat, India.
BFA from B.A Mehta Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Amalsad, Gujarat, India.
Artist by soul, nature & profession. I am attracted to colours and paintings since my childhood. Completed art education with the subjects sketching, portraits & creative paintings. If talk about my paintings, most of them have the subjects related to spirituality & cosmic powers. Whenever I think of abstract art, the subjects of cosmic energy, divine power, soul, prime soul, human existence & spirituality gets portrayed on the canvas spotaneously. Most of my paintings are of modern, tantrik, conceptual, abstract, expressionism, impressionism styled. I believe Tantrik as an ideal style to express the infinite powers of human mind & Aesthetics. You will see more colours than lines in my artworks. I believe lines are a bond & resrtriction in expressing feelings. Freely used colours make the feelings visible. All the qualities of the world have been identified as three basic gunas (Guna is referred to a quality of human), Tamas(dullness, inertia), Rajas(luxury, passion) & Sattva(harmony, purity). Tamas is a dull & sluggish mind , Rajas is an extroverted mind full of aggression, anxiety & desire, Sattva is a calm, wise & happy mind. I make the best use of colors to express these gunas(qualities). When I use colours on canvas with an open mind, it makes the viewer feel my feelings. My paintings make the viewer fall into a kind of fascination. When someone studies my paintings deeply, he/she can feel the divinity. No matter wherever the painting is placed, you can feel the vibes when you see it because I don’t use the colours just to fill the blank canvas, but I use them as my soul teaches me to make viewer feel the positivity, gratitude & love.
A scene in a movie or play expresses a feeling through music, facial expressions, lighting and this makes the audience really feel what the artists are trying to express, similarly, painting is also a visual art in which composition of colours, lines, shapes, tone and textures make the viewer experience the feelings. I always feel satisfaction when making paintings but my paintings have it’s value only when the viewer can also feel the same.
In short, I see painting as an art of expressing feelings. I am artist not because I make paintings, but because I express wonderful feelings though the paintings.
I am thankful to all my art teachers & friends for all their support, specially to a wonderful artist Mr. Ajitsinh M Kher.


Bachelor of Fine Arts from B.A Mehta Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Amalsad, Gujarat, India.


1995 Sewa rural, Bharuch painting camp(Gujarat, India)
1997 Gujarat rajya Yuva Utsav drawing camp(Surat, Gujarat, India)
2008 Kankaria carnival, Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)
2012 Kankaria carnival Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)
2012, 2014 & 2017 Gujarat Visual Artists Association painting camp (3years) (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)
2014 Graffiti wall painting competition, Surat city (Surat, Gujarat, India)
INGCAT(France) World Youth Festival (Gujarat, India)

I was the Judge/part of jury in :
2012-2017 (6 years in a row) Interschool drawing competition (Surat, Gujarat, India)
South Gujarat intercollege painting competition (Gujarat, India)


Group show :
1998 Surat rotary art gallery (Gujarat, India)
2009 Nehru center (Mumbai, India)
2014 Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai, India)
2010 Kala Utsav (Gujarat, India)
Solo show :
Vanita Vishram ground, Surat. (Gujarat, India)