Vaggelis Terzis

Vaggelis Terzis

Rethymno , Crete, Greece

About Vaggelis Terzis

I live in Rethymno, the city where I was born and grew up. Everything here reminds me of something I have experienced. Stone, sea and myth were the materials to dream. Everything that I was offered, comes to the surface again as are incarnation of memory. I always admired what the hand of man can make. The magic of the hand made and the curve redeem the normality of everyday life. I consider the value of detail equal to the whole. Some things seem easy and some others are to be discovered in another time, more personal. Nothing dies unless you forget it. The strength of an abandoned metal, of a fabric or wood offers immense emotion. I am not giving up the challenge to make it alive again. Rags of any texture and composition are still valuable. I never throw away things except the ones that hurt me. I invite you to visit my heroes. I believe in them. None of them resembles another. But they all share the same blood. Waste material thrown in every corner of the neighborhood, in dilapidated houses or dusty warehouses. They have wrinkles from rusty paint and clothes wrinkled from the journey. Others are true and can give me hope.


Vaggelis Terzis was born in Rethymno, Crete, Greece
in 1981.
He graduated at TEE the graphic design industry. He lives and works in Rethymnon.


Cafeteria‘ Strawberries ’2014 (2,40hχ1w)
Outdoor projects 2014
Mandolin- 100 years Outdoor Project (l 11m , h 1,70m, w 4m – made of wood)
Outdoor projects 2013
Mosquito Float
Float for "Anemomyaloi"
Theme: "Elves"
Construction of a ‘’Magic boot’’
Dimensions 3,10m(height) x 4.50m(length)
Materials: plaster and burlap


Solo exhibition 2014 entitled "Modern Art Comics Sculptures"
Solo Exhibition 2013 "Indelible Forms‘'
Solo exhibitions:
November 2011
Artistic convention and space arrangement, and exhibit.
Cafeteria 9/8 ( nine eighths)
Artwork ( mixed technique sand recyclable materials).
Art throws III -Group exhibition 2012
Imagine town Rethymno - Group exhibition 2012
2013 Ships and Seas
Cafeteria- HAAGEN DAZ
Exhibition of works by artists
ArtthrowsII - Group exhibition 2010.
Catwalk-Arkadiou 252
Catwalk(with models)
summer 2009
Hand made clothes, bags and accessories
Group exhibitions:
GOUROU (cafeteria)
Catwalk(with models)
Summer 2006, 2008
Hand made clothes, bags and accessories