Tim Bow Higginson

Tim Bow Higginson

Cohasset, MA, United States

About Tim Bow Higginson

I work in wood, resin, pewter, watercolor, sumi ink and other materials to create art that tells stories based on the interplay of light and shadows on organic shapes and spaces as we move through time.

I believe stories and narratives are a critical part of what defines humanity, and that throughout human history until the wide dissemination of electric light, stories (oral and visual) were told in the context of sunlight, firelight and candlelight, each of which creates an environment rich in shadows and movement for both the storyteller and the listener. I aim to capture elements of that narrative richness in my art.


Harvard and University of Chicago


Please see www.timbowhigginson.com events page.


I frequently make pieces for private individuals. I have artwork in the private collections, for instance, in New Orleans, LA; Charlottesville, VA; Highland Park, IL; Denver, CO; and the Boston area.

Sculptures of mine have been shown at two juried art shows at The Art Center in Highland Park, IL. They have also been shown at a show at The South Shore Arts Center in Cohasset, MA, in the public library in Highland Park, IL, and in an art show at the Cohasset Yacht Club.

Photos of sculptures of mine have been selected and published in two editions of the East on Central publication in Highland Park, IL.

I submitted a reflective formal park and large-scale sculpture for the World Trade Center memorial that created essentially an open-air, outdoor cathedral space that is part of the permanent catalog of submitted pieces.