Sylvia Thijssen

Sylvia Thijssen

Breda, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

About Sylvia Thijssen

In a short docu I show you my latest series of paintings in my studio. In Dutch.

Living in a not-too-big city in the south of the Netherlands, the Dutch visual artist Sylvia Thijssen walks every day to her studio. It is a four kilometers walk wherein she crosses two small rivers. It is an excellent distance to free her mind of domestic affairs for to let the muse in.

It is in this sunny, personal space that she paints her colorful canvasses, in active gestures big and small, like dancing, always trying to hear the colors sing together, searching for an energy wherein is also the peace of a moment in eternity, taking time as if the paint forms a structure that grew and matured.

Thijssen is not thinking of her work as making paintings, no, these are adventures. Exciting adventures for her as a painter to make new experiences for the one who is looking at them. These adventurous paintings are meant to wander the mind and to wonder the eye.

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Academie of Visual Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


September: exhibition in Fort Sabina, the Netherlands.
Spring: exhibition in 'Princenhaags museum', Breda, the Netherlands.

Exhibition and film made by a company that leases my paintings

Exhibition (paintings) with our artgroup TWATS in my studio/artspace in collaboration with a philosopher
Solo Summer Expo (paintings) in gallery Van Rossum, Breda
Exhibition in Gallery Drift (paintings and objects), Breda
Landart project in public garden

Group exhibition Light Unites in Dutch Design Hotel ARTEMIS Amsterdam
Design for a folly in a castle park in Groningen
Calender with paintings for a big company

Expo 'Art Buddies' in Noordbrabants Museum, opening by Queen Maxima.
New (3th) studio where I gave a lot of art review lectures.

Group exhibition iCOLOR in Dutch Design Hotel ARTEMIS Amsterdam.
Group exhibition Ploegwerk in 'De Ploeg', Bergeijk.
Group exhibition Free Flow expo StadsGalerij Breda
Group exhibition 'KunstKijk' Goeree-Overflakkee expo + lecture.

Night of Culture Breda, solo installation in CityGallery
Landart installation, Misty Fields.
Group exhibition Ploegwerk Bergeijk; Circling Round
Group exhibition Vaaggrond, landart
Project 'Het Dossier' with childcare kids
Group exhibition bkkc Tilburg (Muzé-um; Circling Round)
Group exhibition F1rst Choice Breda

Project 'Het Dossier' with childcare kids
Artphoto for the book 'Tafelwetenschappers'
Installation (several times) 'Muzé-um', my personal one-person-museum
Land Art group exhibition Vaaggrond, with water-spiral

Interactive installation 'Muzé-um'
Object Lifetree
Installation Watermirrospiral
Upcycle project with students

Object Teatable
Group Exhibition Oerol Terschelling
Installation Flirting Lighthouses
Installation Teamomentum
One month painting on stage and solo exhibition; national month of spirituality
Objects: stacks of combined materials; beacons

Exhibitions with the first series of paintings with the theme ‘The Forest waves, the Wood lures’
Object Chairdance

Object 'Pointilistic Color Mixing Machine'
Installation in a waiting room for busses ‘Sea View’
Installation 'Silhouette Cabinet'

Exhibitions with my paintings

Monumental statue 'Speelhuisvrouw' near train station, Breda

paintings and blue objects

Painted a transformer building

2001 - 1987
Various expo's with paintings and photo's
'Keep stirring the t-cup'

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