Tina Dekanosidze

Tina Dekanosidze

Tbilisi, Georgia, Georgia

About Tina Dekanosidze

I am 57-year-old self-studied artist. 5 years ago got a contract for the position of English teacher in UAE. During my highly stressful working conditions I started painting to rise my mood and :) kill time. According my dreams and imagination I tried to hear my soul and heart to put together emotions. I saw myself how fast I was growing.


English language and literature
Professional HR recruiter
Trainer (education field)


I Want to declare that I am open for commissions and
I can take orders for specific art-piece,,, original I mean not copies. I have already experienced the type of service:
1. see the interior and design of the venue
2. clearify the theme, style and main color spectrum of artpiece
3. negotiate size, framing, time and price
4. shipment of done work
Will appretiate if there is a will.


Online exhibition People&Paintings
Twice certified as beloved artist.