tj owens

tj owens

walnut grove, CA, United States

About tj owens

TJ Owens is mostly a self taught artist who divides his time between Sauve, France and Walnut Grove, California where he has live/work and expo space.
His drawings and paintings are mostly representational landscapes and figurative compositions that straddle the line between early modernism and the neo-expressionists----
"I like to mix my medias in experimental ways
---consciously expanding the materials at hand".
His early landscapes have been described as--
"bold primary colorisim"--expressed in (a)"naivete characteristic fashion".
His figurative works are more often noted as ---"manifest primal tensions"---and ----"slashing constructions" ending with "images built on "extreme layers of passion and strife".
What ever written "definements" are used to describe his work---he appears to work generally on an "intuitive level"----
---"there are some brief moments of recognizable cognition and at much fewer times---- forethought"
His experimental approach of mixing and remixing materials/mediums continue to repeat themselves
infinitely-----"morphing from one form/stage to another".
TJ's raw authentic validations of his emotional, spiritual and intellectual happenings proliferate continually.
"I seek to maintain a personal self satisfying mood or zone between cooperation/function and process----perhaps a very selfish motivation".


PhD - Abnormal psych/Adult development /Public health
Berkeley Calif-1987


Artistic Edge - Sacramento California - each August since 2005-perm display
Tyler Island Studios -Walnut Grove, California permanent display - since 2012
Galerie Vidourle Prix - Sauve, France - permanent display - since 2009

3/4 expos in France each year since 2006
2/3 expos in California on going since 2006


2015 - Solo Expo - March -Galerie Vidourle Prix - Sauve France
2014 - August -Artistic Edge Gallery- Sacramento- California
2013 Tyler Island Gallery - Walnut Grove , California
2012- Artistic Edge Gallery -Sacramento- California
2011 same
2005 - Artistic Edge Gallery- Sacramento Calif.
on going schedule of 2/3 expos per year in France & California