Todd Monaghan

Todd Monaghan

New York, NY, United States

About Todd Monaghan

"In a time when there is enough well-executed but wholly unfelt abstraction around to constitute a new salon, which indeed it has effectively done, Todd Monaghan’s work is as refreshing as a shower on parched ground. It is work I first encountered about ten years ago when Monaghan’s mature style was already well developed. I paid studio visits and recorded an interview for a study on how a necessary spirit of truculent inventiveness could survive in the art world in a fat period, a time when relative prosperity was posing its own problems, when the War of the Isms was dodo-dead and no demanding new imperative has sprung up to replace it.

Monaghan’s working methods impressed me at once, namely his restlessness, his visible willingness to embrace chance, a recklessness which struck me as very like the modus operandi that the first generation of Ab Exes had taken from Surrealist Automatism. I liked the way he would work on the wall, then transfer the surface to the floor, then hoick the piece back onto the wall again, dripping, gougimg, pouring, incising, splashing, seemingly recklessly and, yes, perhaps actually so, but ending up with an image that seemed so controlled that he might as well have been a watchmaker meticulously assembling a timepiece.
A hang of eleven of Monaghan's canvases in the SLS Hotel was one of the projects at Art Basel Miami this year. Each was distinctively different but unmistakeably his. His unorthodox ways of making his work are taking painting in new directions."

~ Anthony Haden Guest,
art writer and friend

Todd Monaghan is an American artist, based in New York City, who explores spontaneous intuition and the subconscious mind by flicking, spilling, dripping, painting, and scraping paint into layered, textural, immersive, multi-level paintings and collages. Monaghan’s paintings engage formally with line and density on a large scale and thematically stare into the widest scope of all – our boundless universe. His black paintings create other worlds, space realms with weird and strange planetary abstractions and stars. Stretching as large as 118 inches, his paintings relate to the individual and whole of the cosmos in their gripping, expressionistic approach.

Todd Monaghan has no easel, he paints in an unconventional way, pinning his canvases to his studio walls then bringing them to the floor then back to the walls again and then the floor searching to see something new each time. He is spontaneous in his movement welcoming chance and experimentation. Monaghan creates multi-level immersive works that encourages the viewer to explore the parts as well as the overall whole and their interplay.

By constantly reinventing the game/practice of painting (i.e., flipping in various direction, using various conventional and unconventional materials), Monaghan seeks to uncover the story that exists within the paint. He approaches his work from a mystical/spiritual perspective with an emphasis on intuition. Through his studies of breath awareness in the martial arts and yoga, Monaghan realizes that there is an energy that springs forth from Mother Nature herself. He sees that this energy, which exists outside the five senses, guides and informs the five senses. In his work, Monaghan strives to channel this life force by becoming an instrument for it. He draws from intuition and serendipity looking for the images within the images accessible only through the subconscious.

Todd Monaghan's artistic influences include Franz Kline, Anselm Kiefer, Qin Feng, Jean Michel Basquiat, Juan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh.

Todd's mediums have ranged from oil and tempera, acrylic and natural organic materials to his current series which is gesso, layered canvas and egg shells.


BA from Emory University
Certificate In Film, New York University
Collaborative Study with artist Gregory Ilich,
RISD Brown University
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America


The Illum - There are no accidents - a graphic novel now available via Antarctic Press:


- The Black & White Group Show, Jane St. Art Center Gallery, Saugerties, NY


- tm Night Sky sculptures at SLS SOBE, Miami Basel 
- Sculpture Residency at The Gaga Arts Center, NY
- Infinitus Circle 7 and T statue, Garner Arts Center, NY​


- tm Solo Show @ SLS SOBE, Miami Basel, Miami, FL.
- Pearly Gates, Walter Hopps Group Exhibition, Yucca Arts Center, CA.
- Manaolis Projects, Maquette 1 & 2 show, Miami, FL.
- AVYA Arts Show, Margate City, NJ.
- Capri Hotel Lobby, Southampton, NY.
- UHMLA  Fund Raiser, Morristown, NJ.
- Rites of Spring, Villa America Fine Art, NY.
- Earth Day and The New Activism, 313 Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY. 
- tm @ Katsuya  SLS Hotel - SOBO, Miami, FL. 
- Condo Exhibit, Kia Lin Arts, Atlanta, GA.


- Million Dollar Listing, NY, CIRCA Central Park, NY, NY
- tm @ Katsuya  SLS Hotel - SOBO, Miami Art Basel Pop-Up.
- Infinitus, Capri & Oreya, Southampton, LI, NY.
- tm ebb & flow - Solo Exhibition, Garner Arts Center, NY.
- Art is Freedom - Group Exhibition, Garner Arts Center, NY. 
- Walk Out - Group Sculpture Show, Garner Arts Center, NY.


2017: Night Sky Maquets - Manolis Projects, Little Havana, Miami
Night Sky - Black & Whites SLS Hotel, Miami
Hero Bags - Art with Purpose, SLS Hotel, Miami Basel, 12/7
™ @313 Gallery, Gowanus, Brooklyn
Infinitus, James Richards Gallery, NYC,
Le Pick Clops Cafe, Paris, France
Basilica of Saint Denis, Paris, France
Hotel de Grignan Gallery, Vichy, France
Celestin Hotel Spa, Vichy, France
Autun Cathedral, Autun France
Festival of Arrows, Moulins-Engilbert, France
Auzon Pharmacy Gallery, Auzon France
Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Charroux, France
Infinitus, Oreya Southampton @ The Capri Hotel,
2016: Boundless, Kai Lin Arts, Atlanta, GA
GAGA Arts Festival, Haverstra, NY.
2015: See/Me Fifth Annual Exposure Award Exhibition, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France.
2014: Boston Basel, Boston, MA; Unstretched, Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL;Creamy Black & White, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA.; Outerlands Gallery, Vergennes, VT.
2013: MONA – Documenta USA, Museum of New Art, Detroit MI; The Story of the Creative, See/Me, LIC, NY
Four Word Progress, Jersey City, NJ
P58 Our Time, Zines, online publication featured, London, England NY Times Moma Garden Party Shout Out, MOMA, NYC: “Todd Monaghan, ... was dancing by the stage, among a sea of junior executives and young women in sky-high heels. “Too many bankers, not enough artists,” he said. “These guys are great, though.” Mayan Riviera Nude Painting Party, Gallery Bar, NYC; Exhibitionist Booth Show, as a homage to Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending A Staircase.
2012: In Black Light Nude Painting Party, Gallery Bar, NYC; Square Foot Show, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Live Out Loud Silent Auction, New York Times Building, NYC.
2011: Dreamside Pool Party, Grace Hotel, Times Square, NYC; The Nurture Matrix, Thomas Werner Gallery, Chelsea, NYC; Gaga Art Festival, Haverstra, New York; Live Out Loud Silent Auction, New York Times Building, NYC; Exotica, Katharine Story, Laguna Beach, CA.
2010: Gaga Art Festival, Haverstra, New York; Live Out Load Silent Auction, Chelsea Art Museum, NYC;
Grace Church School Auction, Greenwich Village, NYC.
2009: faces, tminisms - times square, chashama Arts Gallery @ 112w44th St./Times Square;
The Goddess, Gallery Bar, Soho, NYC.
2008: Humanus, Global Fusion Art, Chelsea, NYC;
Paradox Lost & Found, Global Fusion Art, Chelsea, NYC; Secrets Of the Salon, Group Show, Jonathan Shorr Gallery; Group Show, HPGRP Gallery, Meat Packing District, NYC; Outside Outsider Art Show, Puck Building, NYC
2007: Exhibitionist Booth, Jonathan Shorr Gallery;
Maps - tm /gi video projection, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, NYC; What do you See? Saphire, NYC.
2006: tm @ Sidley Austin Holiday Show, Sidley Austin, NYC; tmisms @ Hayato, NYC ; What do you see? @ The Back Porch Café, Rehoboth, DE;
tm / Making the Scene, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYC.
2005: Lemur Heart dedication, Katrina Fund,Director’s Cut, NYC; tmisms@Sidley Holiday Show, Sidley Austin, NYC; tmisms on the Back Porch, Back Porch Café, Rehoboth, DE; Todd Monaghan & Ross Sheehan, opening of chashama Arts gallery @ 112w44th St./Times Square.
2004: Goizueta on 42nd Street, Chashama Arts, NYC sponsored by The Association with Emory University Alumni and Goizueta Business School.
2003: TM back on Times Square, chashama Gallery, NYC; Artist In Residence Group Show, chashama Gallery, NYC; “Blue Bambu” dedication, Schwartz Art Center, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
2002: American Beauty 911 Dedication, for Emory University, NYC.
2001: Departure, Click 3X Exhibition, Greenwich Village, NYC
2000: TMNorthwood Open Studio Show, TMNorthWood studio, NYC
Sidley & Austin Show, Sidley Austin, NYC
Departure, Arclight Editorial, NYC
1997-1999: Collaborated with artist Gregory Ilich. Painted on various surfaces using various techniques, primarily oil on canvas with tempera. The canvases were continually flipped and Mr. Monaghan found faces representing various recurring characters in the work. Various group shows in the East Village of NYC.