Ton van Velsen

Ton van Velsen

Hilversum, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Ton van Velsen

My work as a designer is to find the beauty in ordinary things and inspiration in nature. Starting in 2013 I began working on a collection of artworks with themes: nature, landscape, growth, change, movement, direction and emotion. I paint from a 'digital palette' and photos I made are my paint which I mix and manipulate. Though my landscapes and photo's look natural, they are not. Most of them are a creation: a composition of photo's I shot all over the world. Take 'Two girls in Granada' for example; the girls I photographed in New York Central Station, the background contains elements of photo's i took of a building in Granada, Spain and a street in Cinque Terre, Italy. Other details and light effects are made in Holland and/or digitally manipulated.


Academy of Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Atelierroute ArtHilversum 2019


Museum Hilversum 2019